TS Community: Saluting nostalgic games + Diablo/Max Payne giveaway


TS Evangelist
Before proceeding with the latest highlights, we'd like to thank everyone for participating in the last giveaway. There were many great entries and it was tough to pick one winner....

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Trevor Vant

TS Rookie
Max Payne 3, please

I love the site guys I check it everyday to stay on top of technology at work. I have to know more than my customers!! The weekend deals are amazing btw.


TechSpot Paladin
Oh god please let there be Diablo!! :D

I want Diablo 3, this is one of those amazing giveaways that will have everyone entering :D


TS Evangelist
May I politely request Max Payne 3?

The first 2 were amazing, I remember playing the first one when I was 6 at my Dads. <3


TS Rookie
I'd like Diablo 3 if I win.
I'm a long-time techspot reader and this got me to register. It's extremely generous of you guys, I appreciate the chance to win.