What game first got you hooked on gaming?


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Do you remember which game first got you truly hooked on gaming?

Mine was this PC game called "Deerhunter": a hunting game. My dad was an avid hunter and he liked that game a lot. I was around 12 or thirteen years old when I first played it and was immediately hooked. I would be in school and I'd be thinking about the game. I could hardly wait to get home. I remember there was this happy anticipation that I still look for when I try new games out.

So which game first turned you into a gamer?
Probably the arcade game Breakout or else Space Invaders for me.
Warcraft : Reign Of Chaos and Frozen Throne was what got me hooked to gaming.... ahhh the good ol' days. :)
Nice thread, Dawn. :)
Multiple games which I played at the same time: viz.
WarCraft III: RoC
WarCraft III: TFT
Battle Engine Aquila
and the most significant,
the most iconic,
the most impactful,
Halo: Combat Evolved.
Even after 7 years, I can't stop playing, playing, and replaying it.
My "hooked game" goes way back, I first knew I was hooked on video games when I played Pitfall Harry for the Atari 2600, so I began with Pitfall and ended my video game career with Call of Duty 4 "modern Warfare". It was very hard un-hooking myself from serious gaming, but I would like to think I'm a better person for it.
Mine was the original Grand Theft Auto for the Playstation.

Every lucky weekend i would get to visit my auntie's house and sneek a go on my cousin's console. Absolutely loved that game, thought it was funny as hell.
Pac man fanatic here. I'd be afraid to know how many games I've played since the early 80's, not to mention how many quarters I've gone thru,lol.
Now I have it free online http://web2.server7.devteam.dk/pacman/pacman.html?LANG=en

FULL SCREEN also. :D:grinthumb

Pacman on the Atari 800. Classic, first home computer game I had, and instant addiction.

Digdug, Galaxians, Qix. So many that were so simple but so much fun...
First time I ever played a video game I was hooked, and I believe it was either the first Super Mario or 3. Don't remember exactly, just that it was at a neighbors house and I was amazed at how awesome gaming was.

For the PC specifically I played several games in the early 90's, Populous, Lemmings, Settlers, Dune 2, SimCity 2k, but I don't recall which one started it. But I like to credit the first Command & Conquer (Tiberium Dawn) as the PC game that really hooked me to the platform.
PC Gaming, probably Warcraft II. Although I did enjoy Shufflepuck? on a Mac, and I did have a Marathon demo that came with my parent's Performa 550.

Gaming in general, Super Mario Bros (1) for NES.
Oh, yeah. Super Mario. I remember playing the game on Nintendo a lot, too, for a while. I had thought the theme music kind of odd and unnerving. But it wasn't long before I could not stop humming the tune.:D
I still play it occasionally. Still able to beat it both ways (warping and no warps). Although it helps immensely if you can get to 8-3 without being small.
First addictive game was probably Maze Craze for the Atari 2600, I stared at that flashing screen for hours.

First computer games were definitely HERO QUEST 1 So you want to be a Hero? And of course NetHack and EGATrek awsome games that I STILL play...