What game first got you hooked on gaming?


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Do you remember which game first got you truly hooked on gaming?

Mine was this PC game called "Deerhunter": a hunting game. My dad was an avid hunter and he liked that game a lot. I was around 12 or thirteen years old when I first played it and was immediately hooked. I would be in school and I'd be thinking about the game. I could hardly wait to get home. I remember there was this happy anticipation that I still look for when I try new games out.

So which game first turned you into a gamer?


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TS Special Forces
Probably the arcade game Breakout or else Space Invaders for me.


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Warcraft : Reign Of Chaos and Frozen Throne was what got me hooked to gaming.... ahhh the good ol' days. :)


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Nice thread, Dawn. :)
Multiple games which I played at the same time: viz.
WarCraft III: RoC
WarCraft III: TFT
Battle Engine Aquila
and the most significant,
the most iconic,
the most impactful,
Halo: Combat Evolved.
Even after 7 years, I can't stop playing, playing, and replaying it.


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My "hooked game" goes way back, I first knew I was hooked on video games when I played Pitfall Harry for the Atari 2600, so I began with Pitfall and ended my video game career with Call of Duty 4 "modern Warfare". It was very hard un-hooking myself from serious gaming, but I would like to think I'm a better person for it.


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Mine was the original Grand Theft Auto for the Playstation.

Every lucky weekend i would get to visit my auntie's house and sneek a go on my cousin's console. Absolutely loved that game, thought it was funny as hell.


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Pac man fanatic here. I'd be afraid to know how many games I've played since the early 80's, not to mention how many quarters I've gone thru,lol.
Now I have it free online http://web2.server7.devteam.dk/pacman/pacman.html?LANG=en

FULL SCREEN also. :D:grinthumb

Pacman on the Atari 800. Classic, first home computer game I had, and instant addiction.

Digdug, Galaxians, Qix. So many that were so simple but so much fun...


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First time I ever played a video game I was hooked, and I believe it was either the first Super Mario or 3. Don't remember exactly, just that it was at a neighbors house and I was amazed at how awesome gaming was.

For the PC specifically I played several games in the early 90's, Populous, Lemmings, Settlers, Dune 2, SimCity 2k, but I don't recall which one started it. But I like to credit the first Command & Conquer (Tiberium Dawn) as the PC game that really hooked me to the platform.


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PC Gaming, probably Warcraft II. Although I did enjoy Shufflepuck? on a Mac, and I did have a Marathon demo that came with my parent's Performa 550.

Gaming in general, Super Mario Bros (1) for NES.


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Oh, yeah. Super Mario. I remember playing the game on Nintendo a lot, too, for a while. I had thought the theme music kind of odd and unnerving. But it wasn't long before I could not stop humming the tune.:D


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I still play it occasionally. Still able to beat it both ways (warping and no warps). Although it helps immensely if you can get to 8-3 without being small.
First addictive game was probably Maze Craze for the Atari 2600, I stared at that flashing screen for hours.

First computer games were definitely HERO QUEST 1 So you want to be a Hero? And of course NetHack and EGATrek awsome games that I STILL play...