TS Giveaway: Win an Acer Aspire One 11.6" netbook

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When first generation of netbooks appeared (for example Asus EEE) it was interesting to me but it had few disadvantages which pushed me away from buying one. When I saw this review of the new Aspire One, I finally made decision to buy one for my self because it filled few gaps which where present in first series, mainly display resolution...
Now when I joined the contest I have chance to get it before buying it...;-)


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I find it hilarious that some people didn't read the rules and entered the contest as a guest or just posted their email address :)


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it's small but powerful and sleek. please put me in to win it...i never do in these contests, but it can't hurt to try.


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Can I have the Acer.. Plz..

Btw what if people like me working for 12 hours a day get to know about the contest like i have.. ;)


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What a great little netbook. Of all the ones I looked it this seems to be the one to get. Please enter me in the contest.


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Never been lucky with contests, but I'd like to try with this one. I've done a lot of research on these netbooks, and this was one of the best I found --- both by my own specifications AND by user ratings on several sites. I'd LOVE to take this with me when I travel to Chicago to see my migraine specialist every 3-6 months! Much easier than a 17.3" laptop! :) We shall see how my "luck" goes! Thanks for allowing me to post/enter, TechSpot!


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That laptop would definitely help me get my pc repair business started...being in your 20s and starting a new business isn't easy...registration, licensing, advertising, etc. and having a netbook with me on-site would make troubleshooting clients computers a lot easier lol

Oh I forgot, I would like to enter the contest of course.


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I'd like to join the contest

Was looking at a notebook for my daughter to take to uni this year and this would be ideal.

Thanks Techspot for the chance to win it.


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Hi there, I'm in the contest. Isn't 412 people rather less? There are 2 more days. I wish there would be at least 500.


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Should I win or when I win this laptop, I can log on to TS using my own PC running on batteries not worrying even when the boss is around. Maybe boss should have a dayoff everyday sao I can concentrate on my post.


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I have been looking at TechSpot daily for a few months(just heard about the site) and have been to lazy or busy to register. Thank you for the motivation to stop being lazy. I would like to join the contest.

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Contest update (11/5):

Only two more days to participate! So far response has been overwhelming, not only because of the number of entries but because of the conversations that have formed along our tech news coverage over the past week. It was a risky proposal to prize the quantity of participation, but we are very happy about the quality and relevance of user comments for the most part. Keep it coming as we continue to roll out contests in the next few weeks.


Keep it coming as we continue to roll out contests in the next few weeks.
WooHoo :)

Yer, something like 2000 reply comments so far (or thereabouts)
Not bad I say :grinthumb
Maybe the next giveaway could be a gaming machine ;) Imagine how many members posts that would get (let alone new members) :rolleyes:


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See now, this is great.

I got all excited earlier today when I saw that another tech site was giving away a Lynnfield i7 system. That was untill I seen the words I see all too often
"contest only available to US residents"

Thanks Techspot. Yes, I would like to be entered into your glorious contest.
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