TS Giveaway: Win an Acer Aspire One 11.6" netbook

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It would be good to have any computer as I currently without jobs, and Serbia for this laptop should be two separate monthly salary!


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I browse this website everyday. Information is short to the point and their is hardly any opinions. It also the website that brought to my attention the GOG.com website.


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I'd love to be entered into this competition as well. I'm from Australia, and am very happy you're not excluding people outside of the USA.

If I won this thing, I'd use it to power my in-car computer system I am building.


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Opening this competition to contestants world-wide is great. I hope the outside USA responses will encourage others to do the same.


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Can somebody clear this query: Is the objective to get the most comments per contestant?

Edit : after response at #383

Oh dear, it appears that I have committed a faux pas re replying to myself, for which I apologise - I hope this doesn't affect my chances of winning. I am making this edit so as not to increase my post count further as far as this issue is concerned and to demonstrate that I now understand what was intended of the rules, etc.

Good luck to everyone.



The idea is for you to:
Announce that you want to be in the competition
Then reply on other TechSpot News & Comments topics to give yourself more chances of winning (up to a maximum of 40 replies per member)

BUT, they must be informative replies not just rubbish
AND you cannot reply to yourself (as you did above) or this may forfeit you from the competition (ie use EDIT to add to your post if its still the last post in the thread)

Good luck

Thanks pgs2050 ;)


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i have a suggestions to make to Techspot. It would be great if you display the latest date first in user comments.


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i think is very curius that now can turn off the monitor just with fn+f6 very functional this option it's great the size of the screen just need more megapixel for the webcam , but is very very cool this new netbook ultra thin hd lcd full keyboard almost a laptop :)


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I've been a member for less than a month and now I have a chance to win a laptop. My 8 year kid would be thrilled to have one. He already knows how to install an OS, may I could teach him some more with this laptop. I could even create a TS account for him.


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hello ...

this is the last day .. so best of luck to anyone, i wish that someone who really deserves this small wonder gets it.



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Well, hi, I find this mini very good for university purposes because it is light and very confortable to take with you without harming your back with so much load.

I checked an ACER ASPIRE ONE 11.6 with vista preinstalled and decided to prove the partion tool in the pc management section (leaving the vista operating system). It was simple and split the 250 gb in two partition very easyly. Now I want to install a dual boot. The second will be Win 7. They say it runs very smoothly and I am sure it does....good luck if you want to try it.


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Today is the day - some lucky person will get an early Christmas present from Acer - at 11.6" it will fit in any bag!!!


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This is very cool! It is a great device to carry with me to Europe where I'll cycle and take tons of pictures. It is always great to be able to download and share pictures and memories with others while on the road!
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