TS Giveaway: Win an Acer Aspire One 11.6" netbook

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I like how it has Windows XP Home installed
A neat little package, I say thumbs up

Oh I'd like to join the contest ;)


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I'm in, good to see that the contest isn't limited to the US.

How about you just send it to me in Oz now, why bother with the competition?


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I'm In! been after a netbook for ages but with the resession and all that I haven't been able to splash out on one,

to Skitzo: I wonder how much it would cost to send to Oz?


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kimsland said:
to Skitzo: I wonder how much it would cost to send to Oz?
Well if its too much money for TechSpot to post it, maybe they could give me a free flight to US to pick it up in person
I'm easy either way ;)
You have the right idea there Kimsland. Although I must be back in Oz from picking it up pretty soon. I am going away shortly after this contest is drawn. Would be nice to have a a netbook to take with me :p

Edit: Might want to change this sentence "If a participant posts nonsense comments recurrently we will automatically remove him from the giveaway without any notification.", change the "him" to "him/her" as to not appear sexist :p


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yup always in for a freebie! :p
as a matter of fact i can recall the first time i discovered techspot many years ago was because of a similar giveaway


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I put Home Premium 32bit on it.

Works like a charm but you have to turn the Aero off. I ran the upgrade advisor and it told me that it wouldn't even support Aero but it did; the system was very sluggish with Aero on so I turned it off.


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This would serve as an awesome replacement for my dated laptop which typically gets less than an hour of battery life.

I would like to join the contest please :)


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Docnoq said:
This would serve as an awesome replacement for my dated laptop which typically gets less than an hour of battery life.
I know exactly what you mean. I have a Dell Insperion 1100 that I bought cheap from my work. It won't even work when it's unplugged. My 4 year old desktop PC just died (fried mobo) so I'm sort of stuck with the Insperion...at least I can still surf the web.

I would also like to enter the contest. Thanks!


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I'd like to join the contest, please!

My daughter has been asking fora laptop for quite a whle ... this would make a great Christmas present!


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I would love to join this contest.

Never owned a laptop but it would be so handy to have one so that i can surf the web when i am out and about.



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Hey I'm game. I hope there are a lot of good news bits this week!
Let the comments begin :)
(btw, does this comment count? ;)


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Just last week I went to the market, choose a laptop and then walked out, cause suddenly it struck me that Holiday Season is coming and many sites will be giving these little things in giveaways, so why spent money now, when I can have it later for free, also if I don't then I will still be able to get some great deals during this holiday season....


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Great idea on getting the post count up!

I've been lurking for a little while now, enjoying the great site layout, and this finally got me to make an account.


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I think that this 11.6" is a good size for a netbook. I saw the 10" model and also the 8.9" model. For me, their screens are too small. I think this is much better. 13.3" would have been too much. This way you also keep it very light.
I also understand that this processor is much faster.
My job requires me to have access to a computer and internet. So, this would be perfect for me. But I doubt I will win it, I am not the person to win when it involves lottery.
Anyway, I would recommend this to anyone on a tight budget who wants also some speed from it.


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Acer has been becoming one of the major players in the PC market. I've owned their monitors and I would have to say the quality is great. I would love to win one of these!
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