Tuesday tech deals: Buy two used games, get a third free


TS Rookie
The coupon code for J&R (GEICO10) will work for any product on JR.com. It takes $10 off any order $100 or more.

I just ordered a 2TB HDD / NAS yesterday w/ this coupon. (Western Digital 2TB My Book World Edition External Hard Drive). Total cost including shipping was $194...cheapest I could find.

Code expires 9/30/2010


There is no B2G1 at GameStop.

I'm a Store Manager and we received a memo via email this morning letting us know that this was circulating on the web and that we are NOT having a B2G1 sale.


TS Evangelist
I can confirm the coupon works on the GameStop.com. I added three random used Xbox 360 games to my cart, entered the coupon "B2G1FREE" and the price of the cheapest game was removed from the total. Perhaps the memo is saying this deal isn't available in stores?