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Jan 4, 2012
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  1. I have a custom built comp. that is about 4-5 yrs old . It has worked fine all these yrs. with no problems.Then it locked up playing a game about as old as it.I couldn't crtl alt dlt out of it i had to press and hold the on button . then i turned it back on it said failure on my disk drive and i couldn't get out ,so i shut the power supply off.Now when i turn it on the lights all come on the fans as well , i can hear the hdd turn on, but thats it no pc beep and no bios. I changed the video card thinking that may be it but it wasn't .Any ideas on the problem?It is all clean as well,It may have got to hot but i would have no idea how to find out if it's the MoBo or what . Not sure if this matters or not but the green and orange light on the MoBo come on when i turn it on ,i'm not sure if they were always on before i never really looked i guess.Thank you for any help
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  3. steelth

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    I couldn't find anything wrong with the motherboard,,how do i test the powersupply? with a multimeter?
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    "How do I test the power supply?"...

    By replacing it ;)
  5. steelth

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    Makes since but since it is so old i just wanted to make sure that was it .I don't think it's worth dropping extra money into since i am currently laid off from my job.:( Thank you for your help

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