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Turns On But Then Nothing

By carlinist93
Jul 13, 2010
  1. Hi Techspot, im hoping you can give me a little assistance with my problem. I have an hp pavillion dv2500 that was running great until today. I had it working this morning as usual and then it crashed with no warning. I pushed the power button to boot it back up and see what the problem was, and the power lights come on, the cd drive boots up, but thats it. It doesn't matter if its connected to the adapter or battery power, and it doesn't respond when i put my windows recovery disk in to try and format it and start over. I hope someone has some knowledge on this because I am stuck. thanks.
  2. dkajaarj

    dkajaarj TS Rookie

    i am having same problem with my computer. I got my computer from a friend knowing what the problem was and i tried several monitors and same thing turn it on and same thing tower runs but nothing on the screen someone told me it was the video card. I dont know though. Thats why im here because i know i can get a better answer here. Please help us guys. I start school august 1st need my computer for classes. I cant do school work on my phone.
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