TV card With Sky Box

By odriscoll27
Dec 12, 2011
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  1. Hi all,
    not sure if this is the correct forum fo rthis so if not could a mod please move it for me thanks :)

    Ok so i was clearing out a box full of PC parts awhen i cam across an old TV Card which dates back to about '95.

    My housemate and i were wondering if we were to plug this card into a standard desktop tower and using a TV cable connected the card from out Freeview box to the TV card would be able to view use it tor ecord TV from the Freeview.

    we did have a go at this with no luck and were jsut wondering if this was possible. the card does have an s-video port on it.

    We are using Windows 7 Home Premium on the tower.

    thanks in advance for any tips you can give us :)


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