TV out not working on ATI X1600 512MB

By cgardner1991
Feb 12, 2011
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  1. My agp ATI Radeon X1600 has a standard VGA output, as well as another port for HD component output. The port looks kind of like a S-video but different. The card came with an adapter that plugs into this with your HD component blue, green, and red cable inputs. The blue can also be used has regular composite video out via a regular RCA yellow cable. I know this to be true as I will explain later. In my Catalyst Control Center, there is a screen to enable my second display. I'm using a regular analog TV, and all the cables are connected. What I'm supposed to do is, right click on the grayed out second display box, and click enable. When I do this my TV flickers, and then it goes right back to being disabled. If I turn on FORCE TV DETECTION, a little TV icon appears below my monitor icon. It says, right click for a drop down menu for options, or drag and drop to one of the top two boxes. Right clicking does nothing. No menu. Nothing. I can see where I'm supposed to drag it, but it doesn't let me. All I can do is drag the TV icon over top of my monitor icon, and a menu appears. The only option on this menu is "SWAP". When I swap, my picture appears on the TV perfectly, but I have nothing on my computer monitor. I've tried everything and determined I need some expert help. I'm trying to avoid downloading new ATI drivers as 1, it's a pain in the *** to uninstall and reinstall drivers for ATI, and 2. Mine are fairly new. How could they mess up their software that bad and release it to the public? It MUST be some issue I'm overlooking. Please help me, thank you.
  2. jobeard

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    sounds to me that running both monitor+TV at the same time is not an option, but rather that it is mutually exclusive - - either / or, but not both. Verify your specs.

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