Twitch rolls out free music library for game streamers, music channel for performers

By Shawn Knight
Jan 16, 2015
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  1. For all of the progress that Twitch has made since its inception in mid-2011, the service has been hamstrung by a nagging issue: how to enforce copyright laws as it pertains to gamers that play music during their gameplay sessions.

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  2. WangDangDoodle

    WangDangDoodle TS Addict Posts: 199   +71

    First of all: I get it... musicians wanna make money. The companies behind them, even more so.

    At some point, though... this ridiculous copyright frenzy has to stop! It's starting to remind of MMOs, where people can't even call their character "Batman" because that's an established franchise. People are trademarking WORDS! Where's it gonna stop? At some point you're gonna have to pay royalties just to use words in a sentence! Maybe I'm just freakin' out here... am I just freakin' out here?

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