Twitter says no layoffs planned despite reports of Elon Musk cutting 75% of workforce


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In context: Twitter has denied reports that it is planning major reductions to its workforce over the next couple of months, no matter who owns the company. The same source claims that if Elon Musk is at the helm, the layoffs will hit a massive 75% of Twitter's entire staff, equal to around 5,000 people.

According to The Washington Post, which cites interviews and documents obtained by the publication, Twitter is following in the footsteps of other tech giants in cutting its workforce during these times of economic uncertainty.

The Post writes that should Musk's acquisition fall apart, something that looks highly unlikely given his recent comments about the platform's potential, Twitter's current management plans to cut the payroll by $800 million by the end of the year. That would see around a quarter of its staff laid off, impacting 1,900 people. The company is also planning "major" infrastructure cuts that include data center closures.

That sounds quite extreme, but the Post reports that things will be much worse if Musk's takeover, set to complete by October 28, goes through. The billionaire told investors that 75% of staff would lose their jobs, leaving just under 2,000 people working for Twitter. Such an enormous reduction in staff could lead to an increase in cybersecurity incidents, technical problems, and moderation failures at Twitter.

The company has now responded to the report. In a memo seen by Bloomberg, Twitter General Counsel Sean Edgett said, "We do not have any confirmation of the buyer's plans following close and recommend not following rumors or leaked documents but rather wait for facts from us and the buyer directly."

Edgett has also warned staff they can expect "tons of public rumors and speculation" as the deal nears completion.

Bloomberg writes that it has confirmed potential investors were told about plans for the cuts, along with an intention to double revenue within three years.

Edgett said the discussions over cost-cutting and layoffs took place earlier this year but stopped once the merger agreement was signed. "Since the merger agreement has been in place, there have been no plans for any companywide layoffs," he said.

Earlier this year, Musk said he was in favor of cutting staff numbers at Twitter. He's also been clear about his intent to make the site a bastion of free speech with less moderation.

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Such an enormous reduction in staff could lead to an increase in cybersecurity incidents, technical problems, and moderation failures at Twitter.

Actually, I would argue that fewer employees could lead to a decrease in cybersecurity incidents. Most attacks originate from phishing and/or social engineering of employees. Also, fewer employees means fewer bad behaviors.

Then, of course, there is the fact that most companies (even repeat offenders) appear to put a very low priority on information security in the first place and are severely understaffed/under budgeted in those areas. Which means that most of the cuts would be other staff.
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Employees do what they're told. He doesn't need to when he takes over management. But he will, to cut losses.

Seriously? These far left woketards take it upon themselves to make their point. I think cutting staff will cut down on BOTS.


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You don’t need 5000 employees to run a fancy global texting app, my guess is the majority of these employees are simply used to monitor for wrongthink. $1.5 billion in R and D with nothing to show for it. Most of these cuts should have been done years ago.
Make them get a "working man's" job. It will serve them all well. Try loading crates in those tight pants
most of these employees would require therapy after an hour of trying to work with the real working class.


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I like the free speech thing in the future (I hate supermoderators). I had an account there I could reactivate.


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As long as he isn't cutting core infrastructure (which according to reports is incredibly shoddy and needs a ton of help) we're probably fine. They really need to rein in all the excessive security threats posed by literal thousands of employees with too much access.


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Everything needs balance in life. Too far left then you move to the right just enough to be in the middle and vice versa. But the woke wants to make everything stay in the left which the Universe will not allow.