Two Beeps, Then Three Beeps (BIOS)

By acidosmosis
Jun 14, 2008
  1. Is anyone familiar enough with BIOS beep codes to know what two beeps and then three more beeps with a short pause between usually indicates? It has only occurred, maybe three times.
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  3. acidosmosis

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    Yes, but it's not clear. Normally you do just hear "2 beeps" for example. This time I heard two sets. So I'm not sure if the first two beeps indicated one thing and the next three indicated another or all five beeps indicated one issue. In which case, I've not seen an explanation anywhere in a list of codes.
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    If there is a pause (momentary) between them then they are different codes.

    It also helps to determine and report whether the two are 1 short, 1 1ong or 2 short or whatever. Same for the three.

    You also haven't yet said what bios you have.
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