Two computers, one set of speakers

By steeve
Jan 26, 2010
  1. i routinely use two networked computers (one windows and one linux) for my work. both are pretty old (obsolete, some say) but they do the job.

    the question: is there some device i can use (splitter or mixer or something) to connect both sound cards to one set of desktop speakers? i would ony use one sound card at a time.

  2. steeve

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    Other than custom wiring your own switch, you could get a KVM switch with audio. The other choice would be to get an A/B switch for RCA connections, get three mini-stereo (3.5"") to RCA cables and you're set. As for the cables you can pick them up cheap here As for the switch, Radio Shack has one for $15 to $20 You can google it and maybe find a better deal

    It seems like overkill though for the same price you can pick up a second pair of some decent speakers.
  4. steeve

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    an a/b switch is just what i need, but as you say, probably an overkill

    the problem with another set of speakers is MORE WIRES and STUFF :)

    i already have more of that than i need. i'll have a go at building a simple device
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