Uber will soon enable pet-friendly rides... for a fee

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Uber is reportedly preparing to pilot a new feature designed to reduce friction regarding pet transportation.

Starting on October 16, riders in Austin, Nashville, Denver, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Phoenix, Philadelphia and Tampa Bay will have access to a new Uber Pet option in the Uber app. Tick this option, and for a surcharge of between $3 and $5, you’ll be able to bring your pet along for the ride, no questions asked.

Uber’s current pet policy in the US suggests checking with your driver ahead of time to see if it is alright to bring a pet along. Of course, not everyone does this which can lead to surprises on both ends come pick-up time.

Simply put, not everyone is an animal person. Animals shed and can get carsick, too. Plus, not everyone bathes their dog regularly (or at all) and allergies are a very real thing. It’s not uncommon for a driver to cancel a ride when they see a dog standing alongside their intended passenger.

With Uber Pet, you’ll be matched to drivers that have pre-agreed to transport pets. In exchange for putting up with your pet, the driver will receive a large portion of the pet surcharge.

The new feature doesn’t impact Uber’s service animal policy. Such animals are still permitted and will ride surcharge-free.

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Slappy McPhee

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This article is providing misinformation. drivers have to accept that someone is bringing a pet already per all of the text messages and other messages within the app that drivers have to accept to not be suspended because *service animal*. drivers are not even allowed to verify with the PAX whether or not the animal is a service animal. this has been a crappy situation for drivers of both Uber and Lyft for several years. this *surcharge* is laughable and should be according to distant of travel as well. I can pretty much guarantee you 150% that Uber will also be pocketing either all of the surcharge or most of it. they are in business to make money and aren't there for the drivers benefit.
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Hope they have pet free cars too. Nothing worse than riding in a car or plane or staying in hotel withered a dirty animal has been. Hey I’m not saying you shouldn’t be allowed animals in animal designated area, just don’t force others to be around that filth (drools, wiping butts, peeing, hairs - grossness)
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Here is what I see as a big problem:
There are more people without pets than the ones with pets. They will not agree to have a ride in pet friendly car.Even if it is free of smells there is always that possibility. And as someone who rode in a car that smelled like cat piss, I can tell you< I don't want this risk.
So where does this leave the drivers with pet friendly cars? Giving rides to the smaller customer base with pets. This is simply means agreeing to provide to a smaller customer base since a typical pet free customer will refuse to ride in a pet friendly car.

Idk Uber, I really wanna see how you solve this problem. I suggest your CEOs spend 20 minutes in a car that smells like pets. Makes you wanna puke. And the funny thing is, the time I was given a ride in a car like that the driver was complaining that customers reported her to her manager for smells. She was like "I have no idea what they sensed, my car is clean and odor free."
You get used to the smell of your car and cant even properly assess if your car smells or not.

So yea, I am curious to see how many people would wanna turn their cars
into a pet shelter on wheels.



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Why would I, as an Uber driver I spend time keeping it clean, I don't even let my dog in the car outside of a crate why would I allow a strangers