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Ubisoft says 'Tom Clancy's The Division' broke first-day sales records

By Shawn Knight · 9 replies
Mar 11, 2016
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  1. Tom Clancy's The Division launched earlier this week on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PCs. First announced at E3 2013, the highly anticipated game got off to a rocky start early Tuesday morning as hoards of players swamped Ubisoft's servers.

    If you're like me, you're probably not surprised in the least bit that a new AAA title – one that had two large betas, mind you – didn't have enough servers ready at launch. Ubisoft got the issue taken care of within a few hours but as it turns out, we may need to cut them a little slack on this one.

    Ubisoft has revealed that The Division sold more copies in its first 24 hours than any other game in the company's history. What's more, total digital full game sales also set new, single-day records across all launch platforms.

    In a blog post, Ubisoft content communications manager Giancarlo Varanini said Ubisoft now has three of the top four most successful new game brand launches in the history of the gaming industry with The Division, Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed (the other being Destiny).

    Yves Guillemot, co-founder and CEO of Ubisoft, described the event as a momentous day for Ubisoft but more importantly, he said it marks the start of millions of players’ enduring engagement in The Division’s game world which he said they are confident gamers will love.

    Have you had a chance to play The Division yet? If so, what are your thoughts thus far?

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  2. davislane1

    davislane1 Inquisitor Posts: 4,507   +3,508

    Edit: revised after playing end-game content (sans yet-to-be-released 'Incursion').

    I have it for PS4.

    So far, the game is a mixed bag. Missions and side quests are unremarkable. Think Destiny, but without as many mistakes.

    The RPG elements are also pretty standard. At level 30 (26DZ), I have yet to see anything interesting anywhere insofar as gameplay. In fact, I'd probably recommend Destiny over this for core gameplay. Literally, everyhting that applies to that game applies to this one, with no exceptions.

    The Dark Zone is also a bit disappointing. They have some understandable balancing issues for week one, but the lack of special missions or activities renders the area rather boring. It's Iron Banner without the fanfare.

    The Phoenix Credit system for high-end (exotic) gear is also janky. The function is the same as Destiny's Strange Coins, but the item cost:accumulation rate ratio is too high.

    The main characters are also not very likable or believeable. Very cliched overall. The factions are generally done well, though. Ubi did a very good job of making the bad guys evil.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2016
    Arris likes this.
  3. HiDDeNMisT

    HiDDeNMisT TS Booster Posts: 231   +14

    Yes he is correct.

    But the game itself is very fun. Right now this is the only thing I am playing at the moment and it has me quite entertained. The next game to play will be The Witcher 3 and The Last Of Us (Never played it, don't kill meh)
  4. Panda218

    Panda218 TS Evangelist Posts: 416   +172

    I'm still unsure how I feel about the game. I've never played destiny so I'm unsure of the differences, but everyone says it seems more polished. The problem I'm having is I feel disconnected in combat due to the types of enemies you face. I just find it odd that it takes 4 clips from an M4 to kill a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt.
  5. davislane1

    davislane1 Inquisitor Posts: 4,507   +3,508

    Thug life.
    Burty117 and Panda218 like this.
  6. nickstricks007

    nickstricks007 TS Enthusiast Posts: 29   +11

    Honestly though, every game coming out nowadays can be considered the same as another and clichéd. Unless you're completely new to gaming or have been living in a cave for the last 20 years, you've probably already seen the extent of what most games are and will be for the foreseeable future. Here's the great thing about being a gamer these days. We are given all the information we need to make an informed decision before buying a game. If you don't like the way the game looks or it doesn't have the features you want them don't buy it. If you buy it otherwise and hate it, then that's your own fault.

  7. nickstricks007

    nickstricks007 TS Enthusiast Posts: 29   +11

    Well, realistic damage wasn't really what they were going for. It's an RPG at heart.
  8. 3volv3d

    3volv3d TS Addict Posts: 155   +59

    Headline suggests shocking victory of sheep like behaviour as everyone rushes to buy next generic shooter from UbiSoft.

    Game looked good held promise, although UbiSoft suck, so it's a weak promise.
    Thankfully demo on steam shows dull dishwater missions. Money saved.
    BSim500 likes this.
  9. cartera

    cartera TS Evangelist Posts: 358   +105

    I am likely to get 2 free copies with my new PC but looks like I will be selling them after reading these comments. I hate games which don't have a hardcore/ realistic feeling or mode. The whole 30 shots to the chest for a kill doesn't interest me.
  10. yukka

    yukka TechSpot Paladin Posts: 855   +64

    It's nearer 10 shots, burst fire to take most normal mobs down, maybe less. And I was concerned it would ruin it too but it just feels very gears of war and I like that. It's persistent and there's plenty of bits to unlock. What could be better is the feeling of isolation - unless you matchmake, there aren't many people on the street with you. You don't run into other people doing missions - where destiny have the main planet areas and people instancing into missions after they traverse the shared zones, doesn't seem to happen in the division.

    Also so far, levels are well designed and bosses are challenging but not a huge amount of variety. I am only lvl 7 though.

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