Ubisoft teases Mad Max-like post-apocalyptic Far Cry game ahead of The Game Awards


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This year's The Game Awards (TGA) event is officially kicking off on December 6, and we already have quite a bit to look forward to. Obviously, some of our favorite developers will get recognition for the hard work they've put into this year's best games, but TGA also acts as a mini-E3 in some respects.

Publishers and developers alike tend to premiere their upcoming games there, and Ubisoft is planning to be one of them. However, given that the event doesn't start until tomorrow, the company has decided to publish a brief teaser trailer to get its fans hyped about what is clearly a new Far Cry title.

Obviously, the teaser doesn't reveal much, and it is just that: a tease for the main announcement at TGA. However, there are a few tidbits of information we can pick out from the video to better understand what Ubisoft is planning.

First of all, the video appears to be set in Far Cry 5's interpretation of Montana, which could mean Ubisoft is planning to recycle the game's map, but with some heavy tweaks; similar to what it pulled off with Far Cry 4 and Far Cry Primal.

Instead of going back to the stone age as Primal did, though, Ubisoft is aiming for a post-apocalyptic Far Cry experience this time around. Early in the teaser, a nuke detonates, and we see a brief glimpse of what appears to be some sort of cobbled-together, Mad Max-like mechanical crossbow at the very end.

Ultimately, we have no idea what to expect from Ubisoft here. This secret project could be a mainline Far Cry game (Far Cry 6, perhaps?), or it could be a smaller spin-off like Primal or Far Cry: Blood Dragon. Either way, we're excited to see what the publisher has up its sleeve.

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