Unable to detect USB ports on the docking station

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Nov 23, 2008
  1. Please help. I have Lenovo Thinkpad X61T. Everytime I docked my notebook I need to restart it before it detects the usb ports (I'm using an external monitor with keyboard and mouse attached on the docking station). I have updated bios but problem still persist. Please help. Thank you...
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    Your problem relates to Windows "Plug and Play". Specifically, it's called "hot docking". .

    In order for hot docking to work as a Plug and Play event, several things must be in place and supported by both your hardware and software.

    First off you mention a Thinkpad X61T. Is that a X61 Tablet???? Their site only lists X61, X61 Tablet and X61s.

    What Windows operating system (I'll guess at XP Professional) and what Service Pack level?

    And what is the version number of the "latest BIOS" you have installed.

    Tell me if XP is running in ACPI mode
    - click Start->Run, enter devmgmt.msc
    - Look for Computer and double click it to expand it.
    - Does it say "Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC"? If not, exactly what does it say?
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    Hot docking - X61T

    Thanks for the reply.

    Model: Lenovo X61T (T-Tablet).

    Windows: WinXP Service Pack 3 running in ACPI mode

    BIOS version: 1.20
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    1. Since it's very important, could you reaffirm your BIOS version number by booting into BIOS and reading the version number from there (or did you do that to get the BIOS version?)

    2. I assume you only have one docking station or port replicator. There should be a tag on it. Please tell me the manufacturer and full model number

    3, Run Windows Update to make sure you have all Windows fixes

    4. Have you installed Thankpad's system update 3.14?
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    Resolved: Hot docking and undocking X61T

    Hi. I have made a solution with regards to the Hot docking and undocking of X61T. Anyway, thanks for helping me out. :)

    Docking station detected devices which is still running, if proceed to undock &
    subsequence docking will cause it not able to detect external usb devices. This could
    also cause it to go into blue screen mode and the system restart when application is not
    properly shut off. The external usb hardisk was connected to the LCD usb port which in
    turn is connected to the docking station usb port. Windows is not able to safely remove
    the harddisk when it is connect to the LCD usb port, as such give error when system try
    to undock.

    Remove the usb cable which was connected from the LCD to docking station. Connect the
    external harddisk directly to the docking station instead.

    Tested on undocking and redocking without encountering further problem. Lenovo engineer
    had collected the log file info which cause the system to restart to analyst. We will
    proceed to closed this case and please do keep us inform if the problem resurface. As we
    will still be keeping a tag on this issue.
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