Unable to install Windows Server 2003 on Dell Poweredge 2950

By deltaline
Dec 2, 2009
  1. hai,

    As i don't have dell cd's i download dell system build and update utility (iso file) burn as bootable disk. this use to help in raid configuration and management but after 51% asking for inserting cd/dvd dell with openmanage server administrator version 5.3. i download and placed in dvd drive but from long time itseems to be 51% only if i insert other cd/dvd its give my error invalid cd/dvd but with this cd no error but it taking long time .......

    any help highly appreciable...........

    kind regards...
  2. pcaceit

    pcaceit TS Rookie Posts: 315

    Hi there'

    Do you already have a version of server 2003 installed on the system?

    It sounds to me that you have downloaded utility Discs and not the Microsoft windows Server 2003. please give more details.

    I would imagine that you must have server 2003 already installed on the system before you use the dell utilities.

    view these two links and decide if this is what you need: http://www.dell.com/downloads/globa..._build_update_utility_firmware_repository.pdf
  3. deltaline

    deltaline TS Rookie Topic Starter

    first of all thanks for quick response...

    let me explain in detail...

    previously i use to have windows 2008 std, but we don't have password for the server as it was with previous system engineer and he left to back home. so we decided to format and install new windows 2003 R2. after speaking to one of technical he ask me to download systems build and update utility from dell site it will help you to configure raid and managing the server....

    so i download the iso file burn it as bootable dvd and it works i done server setup totally there will be 8 step upto 7th step it successfully done but at 8th setup which is install operating system ( 51% done) it asking me to insert cd/dvd for "dell openmanage server administrator version 5.3" i download and burn to dvd its an exe file. i keep this disc yesterday night and left the server today morning i saw message asking for windows 2003 R2 disc (unfortunately i don't have the disc ) so i came from the starting for windows 2003 std edition.

    note: its taking long duration at 51% if i change the disc with other clearly ejecting the disc and giving error invalid disc, but the disc with openmanage server administrator it working it seems reading the disc.............

    looking forward for a quick reply

    kind regards....
  4. pcaceit

    pcaceit TS Rookie Posts: 315

    Hi again,

    If you need to install Server 2003 then i would just install server 2003 first and then decide whether to use dells utilities for management and Raid configuration.

    I think you are expecting these utilities to actually install the Server OS without a server 2003 Disc, If you do not have the Server 2003 Disc, then the utility will not be able to install the OS.

    When you ran the utility I assume that it asked you to select which Windows or Linux Server edition you want to install and you selected Server 2003 std edition!

    If this is what you did then the utilities are expecting you to insert Server 2003 std edition to complete the OS installation.

    so you need to have a Disc with the Server system you intend to use.
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