Unable to start after changing HDD

By kyorind
Aug 22, 2011
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  1. Hi all,

    Thanks in advance for everyone's help.

    My computer have been plague with various problems in the last week.

    No1, suddenly my main HDD was fried, when computer starts, POST can detect all my other HDDs but not my main one. I got this replaced with a new one. (both SATAs)

    After replacing, the HDD, i powered on my computer, only to see that all 3 of my HDDs are detected, but the POST msg shows that my BIOS Clock is resetted, and i need to either re configure, or reset to default. i chose to reconfigure. went in BIOS, before i can change anything, computer hang. i power off and on and then is unable to get the computer started.

    Now when i press on my power switch, the fans moves for a second, and stops. if i hold on to the power button, the fans moves in intervals just like you are rev-ing a car. vroom pause vroom pause vroom pause.

    Things i tired,
    removing all of my cards including Gfx card, sound card and on. same problem.
    removing all ram, and reseat them.. same problem.
    removing CPU, and on, same problem
    reseat all cables, and remove all sata cables. same problem.
    starting the computer using jumping the system using the pins instead of power button, same problem

    Green light is still on when the PSU is plugged in to the board.

    My guess is that not only my HDD was fried, maybe the PSU or the Motherboard also died.

    Anyone have any suggestions on what other steps i can take before taking it to a repair shop for diagnostic test?

    AMD 975
    Gigabyte board
    PSU, 550watt true power
    4 x 2gb kingston ram
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Nothing shows on the monitor at all? If so, try replacing the power supply first

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