Unable to start windows XP either in safe mode nor in normal mode

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Hey guyz,

I am really in a great trouble. I wonder if some one could help me out with this issue.
My os details: Windows XP service pack 2.

My machine is unable to start normally. It always shows me the black screen with mouse pointer on it.
When I restart my machine it shows me the options to start my windows in:
Safe mode
Normal mode
last known good configuration

I am only able to start my windows If I select 'last known good configuration'. With the rest two I again go back to black screen.
I really cant continue my work like this any more.

Can any one give me a good solution for this?



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What is the brand and model of your computer, or motherboard, and what sort of Windows operating system disk you you have... OEM, Dell, Gateway, HP, or other recovery disk?
And how old is your system?
You either have a bad infestation, or a defective hard drive, video graphics, or memory module.
We can perhaps help more when we know what you have available.
Im having the same problem

hi, i've been having this problem too

I tryed different types of things:
I reformated 3 or 4 times and still the same problem happens, even before i install any programs.
Usually when i reformated it would work and i would get this problem after my computer freezes and i have restart or randomly when I turn on my computer.
Before all this happened i made a restore point and for awhile i was able to restore to that point and my computer would work or it wouldnt and then after a long time of not turning it on or using it,i would try it and magically it would work and say that the restoration worked.
I cant really take this stupid waiting game anymore and went to this website to see if i could get any help. Im not really too good with all this computer lingo or how it works so bare with me.
I got into safe mode and this what i got from my computer info
Microsoft Windows XP
Home Edition
Version 2002
Service Pack 2
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor
2800+ 1.81 GHz 1.00 GB of Ram
I not to familiar with my computer, it was custom made by one of my Dad's co-workers.
I went into start-up and recorvery and turned off the automatic restart to see what the problem was at the blue screen and i got this.
It said that their was a problem with
i dont know if that can help you, but can someone please help me identify the problem and fix it.


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I consider this a motherboard issue, and sometimes it is not fixable. Certain boards with the AMD 64 processor socket are just trouble. In our experience, this Nv4 disp.dll error with the blue screen is nearly always an error with the nVidia drivers or the nVidia video graphics card. What is your video graphics setup?

The error is usually seen with the AMD 64 CPU, and can sometimes easily fixed by changing to an ATI video graphics card. It is also typica with the 7800 GT and GTX dards on a computer with AMD. Don't ask me why, but that is where I see it. But if you need to do this, you just need a new board.

The first part of the procedure is to find a different driver for your video graphics, or to remove/disable the one you have... and reinstall it... which is called updating by some. But using a more recent driver sometimes causes trouble, whereas an older driver will work.

The problem will not go away, in our experience, until you do a cold boot and reformat of the hard drive, then carefully, methodically, reinstall the drivers for the motherboard or computer, starting with the Chipset drivers (there may be as few as one or as many as four), then install everything else in turn, following the install instructions EXACTLY. Your problem will give you some trouble while you are trying to do this... because you need it running normally even while installing the drivers.

In reality, newer drivers do not work, so go back to an earlier driver, which you should still find on the website... or with a gurgle search

The problem is complicated by SP-3, and by Windows Updates, so you might want to survey your windows update files that are listed on your computer. And remove the ones that are suspect. You can easily see them all using Belarc Advisor. which you can print out.

Check also your device manager for red or yellow flags as you go along.

If the install gives you trouble, do ALL the install in SAFE MODE

If the NVidia drivers give you trouble, try the Omega drivers from www.omegadrivers.net, or google for other drivers. BUT AVOID THE FORCEWARE DRIVERS.

You can also find useful information for some fix by doing a gurgle search for Blue Screen errors.

What ever else you do, be sure you REMOVE the old drivers in DEVICE Manager, after you download the new ones, but before you install them. If you absolutely cannot remove the old ones, then "DISABLE" them.

Other possibilities are present if you have one of the motherboards with the defective or failing capacitors... Look at all the little barrell-like devices that stick up about an inch from the motherboard... there can be as few as three or as many as twelve, depending on the board. Look for those with puffy tops, bulging sides, or a rust brown or grey black powder leaking from them. They can be fixed by a person good with a soldering iron, but for most people, replacing the motherboard is the common fix.

Short answer. Replace the board. This is easier than dealing with the issues that keep cropping up. Not so short: replace the nvidia with an ATI video graphics.
So either of the two will fix this problem permantly? Also what do you think would cost cheaper, I don't know anything about motherboards or graphics cards


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Well, I would go through all the steps I listed, but I am a cheapskate. When you factor in a new board, you have to think about AMD 64, plus the kind of memory, plus the videographics and that has its own problems and doubts.
i would follow ur instructions, but im getting confused.
So if i have a GeForce FX 5800, i have to look online for a driver to replace this one? If this is true which one would work and is that the only thing i have to do or deal with more drivers
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