Uninstall MS Updates that crippled my S/W

By Modifyinc
Sep 7, 2015
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  1. I bought a used POS system that has Windows Embedded 7 on it and it has been working great for over a year now. The other day I powered it down and I noticed it said it was installing 67 updates. When I powered it back on it continued to install the remaining updates and then loaded the desktop. Now every time I run the POS Menu program I get the following error:

    The process performance counter is disabled, so the requested operation cannot be performed

    I can press ok, and then about 10 seconds later the same error pops back up. I have pressed the button 10 or 20 times hoping it would eventually open the POS Menu, but no luck so far.

    I’m a technician by trade, but I have never worked on a Windows Embedded system. Everything seems to be locked down on the desktop. The start menu only has a search box with the power menu to the right. The search box is disabled, so you can’t run any commands. The only icon on the desktop is a shortcut for the POS Menu. I can open the task manager but I can’t run any commands from it either.

    All I want to do is uninstall those updates so things can return to the way it was, or resolve the error message if possible. I loaded Hiren’s BootCD and gained access to the file system. Hiren seems to pack a lot of tools, but I didn’t see anything that could uninstall MS updates or even run the MS system restore. I did notice there were many users in the Users directory but how can I attempt to load any of them if the system doesn’t allow you to change users? I also noticed using Hiren’s BootCD doesn’t give you access to the User Accounts applet in the control panel either. So even if I could change users, how would I create a new user?

    I also ran Windows Recovery using a UFD. From there I was able to run system restore. System restore listed one restore point and it was only a few days ago. Getting excited at this point, I clicked next, only to be disappointed again. Error: There is not enough disk space to restore the disk.

    I called the company that supports the system but they want me to purchase a support package at $260 a month, which is just absurd! What’s funny is the guy I talked to said any PC repair person should be able to resolve this issue quickly. Maybe I’m just off my game.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you
  2. Mac291

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    Mike I've been out of tech support a while but: 1) I've never heard of a way to reverse MS updates. I can only think of reading the kb's and manually excising things in the registry. Iffy.

    The best I can think of is to clone the image to another drive, then try to use System Restore. I ran a quick search and found another site that has a pretty good sub forum re: POS problems but I imagine it's against the rules to post their name or a link. If you just google 'pos forum' it's high on the list though. Sorry, I'm unfamiliar w/W Embedded 7 and POS.
  3. mailpup

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    You can uninstall most updates through the Control Panel, Programs and Features. If you don't see them right away, click on "View installed updates."

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