Uninstalled SoundMax, now no sound

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Feb 17, 2012
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  1. Tried to free up space and deleted "rarely" used items. Now I have no sound and don't know how to reinstall. Didn't have any restore dates either. Only 345mg free space. What is the windows os? I've tried 7, Vista, XP. All answers are incorrect. "No audio Device, & No active mixer Devices" system says.
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    We need to know the brand and model of your computer or motherboard, and operating system.
    When you run the defragmentation for Windows, how much free space shows at the end of that defragment update. You want at least 15% free space.
    If you have the space, the first thing you need to do is download and install the drivers for your sound system on the motherboard or on a sound card...
    Do you know what your sound system is? If so, you can download driver updates from the sound card manufacturer or the motherboard manufacturer, and then installing them is a simple "click on the download" and follow the instructions.
  3. amsmith

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    audio & video

    My computer is a Dell (DHM) Optiplex Gx 280. Can only seem to free up 12% which is not enough for defragmenting computer. Deleated most of my files, don't know what else to deleate without incurring more problems. Don't know Sound System. (Audio codecs, Legacy Audio Drivers {Root\media\ms_mmdrv} Operating system is XP Professional, version 202 service pack 3 Intel (R), Pentium (R)
    Where do I go from Here? How and which programs can I delete?
  4. raybay

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    It should be able to SLOWLY defrag at 12%... if you are patient...
    But that Optiplex hard drive may be going down failure trail.
  5. amsmith

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    Audio & sound

    My motherboard is {Intel(R)82801PCIBridge-244E. When I looked in Problem devices it said that my Multimedia Audio controller "Driver not installed" (PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_266E&subs...) is that enough information to get the proper audio sound driver installed so I get sound? Thanks so much Raybay! You've been helpful. Angie
  6. raybay

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    Yes, that should be enough. Do you know how to get to the site that has the drivers that you install to get the drivers to work. They should be available at the Intel Website for your model of motherboard <fo to Intel, then look for drivers or your motherboard <82801PCIBridge-244E>.
    Download them or it to your email address, as an attachment, then when the download arrives, you save it where you want it, then click on it to install the drivers. It is actually more difficult to think about than to do.

    The first one is always difficult for everyone.

    You might want to download all the drivers listed as available for that board, and put them on a CD or DVD disk just so you have them on hand during a crisis.
    Let us know if you have troubles, and we will try to help.
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  8. Orisis

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    Raybay can u also help me
    one day I started my computer and it said that soundmax driver isnt working and may need to reinstall soundmax
    so I uninstalled it and now it has no sound and I dont know how to reinstall soundmax and I tried downloading some drivers and all said that it doesnt support my hardware
    pliz help me
    my computer is a hp with 32 bit intel core 2 duo E6550

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