Unlocked iPhone 4S available in November, AT&T only

By Shawn Knight · 5 replies
Oct 7, 2011
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  1. Apple has announced that an unlocked version of the iPhone 4S will become available in November. The company neglected to touch on the subject earlier this week during the 4S…

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  2. With it being unlocked, will it not have any of the ATT bloatware? And will the tethering feature be unlocked as well?
  3. iPhones do not come with carrier-specific bloatware (though some of Apple's own apps, like game center, are semi-bloatware), as Apple does not let ATT et al install them. This is for both carrier subsidized and unlocked phones.
  4. It COSTS 203 dollars to produce, and they want to charge over 600 bucks for an unlocked one?
    LOL...I thought the 400+ I paid for my superior 5" Screen Dell Streak was bad....Apple drones are silly to pay that.
  5. What's silly is forcing everyone to use AT&T in the USA if they want the unlocked phone. The entire point of the 4s was that it was both CDMA and GSM compatible. yet they release an unlocked version and LOCK the cdma portion. So no verizon customer gets to have the unlocked phone. Thanks Apple. Thanks Verizon. Now those of us who travel have to switch back to AT&T.
  6. princeton

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    Blame Verizon. They're the ones who won't allow non Verizon ESNs on their network. Even if the unlocked Version was CDMA capable it wouldn't matter because Verizon wouldn't activate it.

    Also anybody who travels a lot will already be on AT&T. They use the bands that carriers in Canada, Australia and most of Europe use. Ergo anybody who travels a lot is already on AT&T.

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