Build a PC Unrecognizable fan POST after overclock


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A buddy of mine built a new system the other day (not too long ago). And he decided to overclock the CPU (specs below).

The problem:
Every time he starts the PC from the "dead" mode (shut-down), he gets a POST error depicting "CPU fan error, press F1 to continue." Although he simply press reset, and then he's good to go (no problems whatsoever).

But having this error popping up every time he starts the PC is very annoying for him, and it costs him some seconds every time, which'll add up in the long run.

Starting the PC from sleep-mode will not cause this error.
The CPU fan is OK, he can see it moving when he has started the PC.
His PSU's power-coefficient is very high (like 850W+), and it's a "fancy" model (like those from Corsair).

Specs. (if insufficient, let me know, and I'll ask him for more specs :) )
Motherboard: Asus Crosshair Formula IV
CPU: AMD Phenom X6 #### (unknown model number)
CPU-fan: Corsair H50, basic water-cooling/fan rig.

The CPU is not overclocked by much as per say, possibly only a few hundred MHz, btw.


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I've seen this in much older PC's without water cooling... Is the water cooling active? Can the fan "warning" be disabled in the bios?


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(I've submitted my questions and got my response: )

Is the watercooling active?
Yes, the watercooling is active.

Can the fan-warning be turned off in the BIOS?
Yes, the fan warning can be turned off in the BIOS, but he would prefer not to do that because the PC is overclocked.

Any suggestions?


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He has recently told me that the fan must simply be active - as he has successfully been running the PC for several hours without a hitch/problem.

Still no suggestions as to what can be causing this problem?


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Im not sure how the H50 is powered but maybe the lack of a 3 pin connection to the motherboard cpu fan connecter is causing the problem?

The only alternative i can think of is disabling fan failure warning in bios and download coretemp and set it to to auto shutdown ( or warning ) at your own specified temprature.

Hope this helps :)


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Yeah, it helps! :)

So I told him (a month ago or so) to set the fan warning to 'Off', and there has been no problems whatsoever.

Even though there is a small risk involved, he is willing to take that chance, as he uses some kind of equivalent to SpeedFan which will automatically notify him if anything iffy happens regarding heating.

The cooler uses a 4-pin plug, and the motherboard comes with a 4-pin socket. Why this problem occurred is still a mystery. Although we have now come up with a solution.

Thanks again!


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That's good Lokalaskurar. I don't think that the "off" setting will really affect anything at all... I think my paternal grandfather came from your part of Sweden in the late 1800's. My last name is Hanson. It was spelled Hansson in Sweden


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Yeah, the PC is still working like a charm.

Off topic

Ah, that's actually pretty cool! Hansson = Son of Hans, also spelt Hanson. Hans = among the most common SE-names.

The locality I grew up in (although I'm not a Swede) have very strong connections to the 1800s, and was among the most important "church counties" until the arrival of the automobile. Also, the fright of Cholera forced about 50% of the local population out of the locality. A vast majority of these moved to the USA.

(Unfortunately), the "-sson" suffix is very common in Sweden. 12 of the 13 most common surnames in SE end with -sson. Also, names like Anderson = Andersson = Son of Anders, Jonson = Jonsson = Son of Jon (John) and so on...

I have heard that I in fact have a first cousin (zero times removed) who lives somewhere in the USA. My only clue is that his surname is Fibík (or Fibíkov), and he's a ~30 year old priest. I never met him, would be fun to someday... especially if he knows English now, as I don't speak his mother's tongue that well :eek:


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Glad that PC working for you...
Yeah I remembered that Cholera scare is what sent many Swedes out of their country including my fathers family. They came to the West Coast of the US near San Francisco. My aunt Anna Andersson married and settled in Iowa. I was born and raised in Los Angeles