Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 1: The First 5


Vote for the PC that deserves the upgrade the most:

Poll closed Sep 9, 2017.
  1. Mason ‘Old Boy’ from Australia

    131 vote(s)
  2. Brett ‘Red Raider!’ from New Zealand

    51 vote(s)
  3. Hamwar 'HMR2' from the UK

    76 vote(s)
  4. Hayden 'CAD Box' from Australia

    260 vote(s)
  5. Dakota 'Silver Shadow' from the US

    259 vote(s)
By Julio Franco · 223 replies
Sep 5, 2017
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  1. StrangerInNight

    StrangerInNight TS Rookie

    As a kiwi my vote go to kiwi dude :D
    Gamblor likes this.
  2. Nevskii

    Nevskii TS Rookie

    Good luck peeps
  3. Slavjan

    Slavjan TS Member Posts: 19   +8

    Good luck m80s
  4. Reece Kersten

    Reece Kersten TS Rookie

    Good luck to the CAD student, as a student I know the struggle! (y):)
    HD Shovelhead likes this.

    AMILOLV TS Rookie

    Good series really like them,keep it up!
    Steve likes this.
  6. Bennette

    Bennette TS Rookie

    The CAD student deserves to win.

    I know the struggle! (y)
  7. Arris

    Arris TS Evangelist Posts: 4,635   +397

    Great idea for a series. Gives back to the community and provides good upgrade path information for those looking for help! Hope it does well. And Steve, introduce yourself at the start of the videos ;)
  8. Jonathan2028

    Jonathan2028 TS Rookie

    Was a close call between 4 and 5. I picked 4 because the system looked like it had some heavy hours of use and the man plays eu4 and civ6. 5 had the best case and worst hardware. I almost feel bad for not choosing it, even had one of those old school cold cathodes to match.
  9. Puiu

    Puiu TS Evangelist Posts: 2,899   +1,315

    The student's CAD Box gets my vote. Good luck to him in the future :D
  10. airstrike

    airstrike TS Rookie

    Good luck for all, thumbs up Steve and hardware unboxed
    Steve likes this.
  11. spcloud

    spcloud TS Rookie

    This is a hard decision. Good lucky everyone!
    Steve likes this.
  12. Gerald Neo

    Gerald Neo TS Rookie

    Hayden's CAD box has pretty much the same specs as my PC so I'll be voting for you . Good luck to everyone and thank Steve and TechSpot for this generosity.
  13. Shane Johnson

    Shane Johnson TS Rookie

    I wont say who I voted for but may you get lucky because I believe you need the upgrade the most. but still good luck to everyone because you all do need the upgrade. Trust me I know, I'm in the same situation.
  14. dickdon71

    dickdon71 TS Member Posts: 40   +22

    Easily voted for the CAD box. Glad most of you guys also agree. (y)
  15. adi firdhaus

    adi firdhaus TS Rookie

    Hye.this is a good opportunity for us to upgrade our pc rig. I really need an upgrade because my mobo is failing me and gpu is getting slower. I'm using core i7 3770k, my mobo is asus p8z77v pro, 16gb org kingston hyperx beast 2400mhz, sapphire 7970 ghz edition, a corsair hx850w gold psu, my cpu cooled by thermaltake water extreme 2.0 and using coolermaster HAF XM case. my memory dim no 3 and 4 are failing and cannot read my memory. currently I'm using dim no 1 and 2, hopefully I'm lucky enough to be in this pc upgrade competition.but unfortunately its not available for my country's region yet . so sad.wish all of us luck. keep up the good content. im rooting for u guys
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2017
  16. Simba

    Simba TS Rookie

    Yeahh :p, well done and thank you Steve and everyone who has contributed with the start of this series!
    Cant wait to see more episodes and interesting PC builds to come :D
    Wish you 5 the best but I can only choose 1. Hope you win buddy hehe (y)
  17. Gamblor

    Gamblor TS Rookie

    Legend, shot bro :)
  18. James Alvarado

    James Alvarado TS Member

    Good luck guys
  19. The1stCobra

    The1stCobra TS Member

    All the contestants are worthy, it's a shame they can't all be upgraded. But that isn't how a competition works, so the best of luck to everyone!

    I love the idea of upgrading the Silver Shadow (that would look epic) but the CAD computer is an important rig...
  20. Dany Farino

    Dany Farino TS Rookie

    Good luck everyone!
  21. MasterY0da

    MasterY0da TS Rookie

    Good luck to everyone! And also I can't wait for this show to expand globally. That would just be awesome!
  22. Thomas Overy

    Thomas Overy TS Rookie

    Best of luck to everyone! Love the idea of this series, super generous without just sending a new box out.
  23. marcoboyle

    marcoboyle TS Rookie

    Looking like the student is gona be the runaway winner here congrats to him and to all who participated and voted!
  24. Teemo4Life

    Teemo4Life TS Rookie

    Hamwar needs that new CPU

    I vote him :)
    hamwar likes this.
  25. daveros63

    daveros63 TS Rookie

    Brilliant series. Best of luck to all, and extra luck to the one I voted for!
    Steve likes this.

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