Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 1: The First 5

Vote for the PC that deserves the upgrade the most:

  • Mason ‘Old Boy’ from Australia

    Votes: 131 16.9%
  • Brett ‘Red Raider!’ from New Zealand

    Votes: 51 6.6%
  • Hamwar 'HMR2' from the UK

    Votes: 76 9.8%
  • Hayden 'CAD Box' from Australia

    Votes: 260 33.5%
  • Dakota 'Silver Shadow' from the US

    Votes: 259 33.3%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

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Upgrade My PC Please! gives viewers the chance to have their PC upgraded for free.

If you missed last week's announcement explaining what the series is all about and how you can enter, be sure to check that out first. As a short refresher, each episode will feature five PCs in need of an upgrade, we'll take a look at the owner's current setup, discuss the upgrade options, and then let you guys decide which PC deserves to be upgraded (vote here).

Whoever gets the most votes will win the upgrade package tailored to their PC and the winner will be announced in the following episode, then we’ll take a look at five more PCs in need of an upgrade and do it all over again.

For the upgrades we have allocated a budget of $500 per episode. This week's contenders are:

  • Mason ‘Old Boy’ from Australia
  • Brett ‘Red Raider!’ from New Zealand
  • Hamwar 'HMR2' from the UK
  • Hayden 'CAD Box' from Australia
  • Dakota 'Silver Shadow' from the US

Watch the video for all the details about these 5 PCs, check out our recommendations, and help us deciding who is the most deserving of receiving our proposed upgrade package.

By commenting and voting on UMPP you’ll also go in the running to win a cool prize at the end of the season, and of course, you’ll be eligible for other competitions we run on the forums as well. We are working with a few sponsors, to help us giving away more prizes. For example, Ubisoft will be providing us free game keys, so if you get picked for an episode but don't get the upgrade, you can still score some free goodies.

Voting will be open until Saturday night and we’ll announce the winner at the beginning of next week's episode, at which point we’ll have another five PCs to check out.

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Every single one of these PCs is significantly better than mine ;_;

Please note we aren't looking for the worst computers to upgrade. We are really after mid-range type systems that are a little out of date. The problem with potatoes is that people will just grab crappy PCs and enter them, the second being that you can't actually upgrade old PCs with new parts. You're basically building a new PC at that point and this isn't Build Me A New PC Please!
We need to help the guy with the FX CPU that CPU sucks.
I will be waiting "Upgrade my PC please!!" To be available in South America Bolivia please......
I really need to upgrade my Pentium 4 and 7300le so I stop borrowing my cousin's laptop to make my AutoCAD Work from college.
Lol I love this format, ill be tuning in every week! might have to upgrade my entry photos though!
I've got a small question why aren't countries like Africa aloud to enter, I'm a stone throw away ( South Africa). I would have loved the chance to enter. But I guess that's the way the cookie is gonna crumble. Good luck to all
2nd PC looks like a rich kid's pc. just kidding. Anyway good luck to the winner. Hopefully at the end the winner decide to give other kids the old spare parts for them to upgrade their aging pentium core 2 duo. Waiting for the next episode!