Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 1: The First 5


Vote for the PC that deserves the upgrade the most:

Poll closed Sep 9, 2017.
  1. Mason ‘Old Boy’ from Australia

    131 vote(s)
  2. Brett ‘Red Raider!’ from New Zealand

    51 vote(s)
  3. Hamwar 'HMR2' from the UK

    76 vote(s)
  4. Hayden 'CAD Box' from Australia

    260 vote(s)
  5. Dakota 'Silver Shadow' from the US

    259 vote(s)
By Julio Franco · 223 replies
Sep 5, 2017
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  1. DarkLord

    DarkLord TS Rookie

    Good luck everyone!
  2. Cycloid Torus

    Cycloid Torus Stone age computing. Posts: 3,399   +862

    "Silver" is cool, but I decided on another in the end.
  3. knckstdy213

    knckstdy213 TS Rookie Posts: 19

    Hayden definitely deserves an upgrade. Can't believe it's neck and neck with the polls :eek:
  4. Gary Vee

    Gary Vee TS Rookie

    Damm.., all 5 are better than mine.:D Guess I am entering next comp aswell. (y)

    Good Luck to all 5.

  5. Shad0071

    Shad0071 TS Rookie

    I know what it's like trying to do CAD work on a shitty pc, not fun at all. Good luck Hayden!
  6. Steve

    Steve TechSpot Editor Posts: 2,940   +2,238

    Just letting everyone know voting ends in 3 hours, thanks to everyone who voted. There will be a prize drawn for those who voted on this weeks episode!
    Simba and HD Shovelhead like this.
  7. Luportex

    Luportex TS Rookie

  8. Crissyfox

    Crissyfox TS Enthusiast Posts: 70   +22

    nah its cpu thats causing the problems, I have an upgrade 'planned' for around 350 to update the last few components to newer stuff
  9. jeff witt

    jeff witt TS Rookie

    I love the idea of this seris is very helpful for us that are short of funds but still want to stay current
  10. Roger Tseng

    Roger Tseng TS Rookie

    I was between the HMR2, CAD Box and the Silver Shadow. While I get that the CAD guy probably wants to use it towards his education, I don't really see his passion in PC. If you cared and needed better performance, why wouldn't you clean the dust out? Why wouldn't you use maybe $8 to buy some new thermal paste and apply it for a possible performance boost? I don't think he actually needs the upgrade even if the cause sounds better.

    Ultimately picked the Silver Shadow because his PC has character and I think his PC presentation reflects his passion for his computer. The HMR2 one did too, but I felt like the specs on his rig was already pretty good especially when compared to the Silver Shadow. The Silver Shadow also looks awesome.
  11. CameronP

    CameronP TS Rookie

    Just entered my rig! Fingers crossed!

    I'm voting for the CAD system. Good luck!
  12. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,200   +518

    CameronP, you should know that voting was closed as of 12:03 a.m. this morning. :(
  13. Oliver Gent

    Oliver Gent TS Rookie

    hey steve, I'm trying to submit my pc and I've done the form and then added picture links. now on the "forum page" there is a submit my pc button but it says I don't have permission? :(

    Okay I think I understand now. That button probably shouldn't exist :p
  14. Harrice

    Harrice TS Rookie

    Hayden definitely needs an upgrade. Maybe he should clean the dust of his computer first.
  15. Luffin

    Luffin TS Rookie

    Wow by 1 vote! :O
  16. chickenAvo

    chickenAvo TS Rookie

    Great idea for a competition TechSpot. I really like that it's open to so many places.
    Best of luck 'First Five'. CAD Box FTW.
  17. Steve11905

    Steve11905 TS Rookie

    I would love to vote for everyone and have everyone win (Except Brett, no offense) but my vote went to Hayden.
  18. Holzy

    Holzy TS Rookie

    Good luck everyone
  19. DarkLord

    DarkLord TS Rookie

    I still think "Dakota" deserves it the most out of these options, that poor FX 6300... and its 3 shared cores / modules or whatever you want to refer to them as, needs to be put out to pasture.
  20. Simba

    Simba TS Rookie

    Congratulations Hayden!
    1 vote winner hahaha :eek: omg
    Well deserved mate, give us an update when you have upgraded "The CAD Box" man
  21. DynamoNED

    DynamoNED TS Member Posts: 19   +7

    Congrats to Hayden! Enjoy your upgrade!
  22. thegamefox

    thegamefox TS Member Posts: 63   +6

    thats good :) im planing a 230-240 upgrade(case,mobo,psu) for now + a new gpu so around 300-350..keeping cpu, hdd, cooler.. already have the ram.. wont be a totally up-to-date monster but will be better than what I have now. but that will be when budget is available
  23. Crissyfox

    Crissyfox TS Enthusiast Posts: 70   +22

    lol yea same, unfortunately I have to buy it all at once so no incremental buying.
  24. thegamefox

    thegamefox TS Member Posts: 63   +6

    well the one I have now was a bit here and there.. so I can do the same with the new one. first to get is psu and mobo, dont wana use the one I have now anymore..its a bit underrated and like 5yo so its time for a new one since its a heatpump with that cpu.. case is just to have better airflow and cable manage.. so unless all the budget is on the table ready to go its gona be a bit here an there

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