Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 5: Dem Tings Wit Graphics

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Stoica Andrei

TS Rookie
Hey, Steve! I currently own a Ryzen 5 1600x + GTX 1060 combo and I sure hope Potato Sama gets to replace his "potato" parts with something nice because they sure are great choices. Keep up the good work!


TS Member
Vince's PotatoSama has my vote. He doesn't even have a dedicated GPU. It must be hard not being able to play most if not all modern games at a decent frame rate with decent quality settings.

I couldn't imagine since I play games competitively so all those frames matter.

John Willoughby

TS Rookie
Definitely gotta give my vote to PotatoSama. I've never played games on an APU, but could imagine that it wouldn't be any better than trying to run Crysis on a Dual Core with a single HD2600xt from ATI like I used to do back in the day. However, I wasn't able to get the settings above low to play at even 20FPS. Get that guy a dedicated GPU for God sakes!

Andrei Tzaqa

TS Rookie
Vince ‘PotatoSama needs this upgrade the most . The poor guy doesn't even own a graphics card, so sad :( anyway, good luck to any of the contestants


TS Rookie
Having an AMD A10 5700 myself, I know how awful all these apus are for gaming, and all these systems could seriously do with an upgrade. No matter what graphics card you throw at it, it is impossible to get 60fps even in games like csgo.


TS Rookie
I have to go with Potatosama, not only to get a real life gaming rig in their hands, but to also save our eyes from that cable management. I think it would mean the most to them, honestly, and would make the biggest difference for someone. Btw, amazing thing you're doing here, Steve.

Arnab Maji

TS Rookie
I was considering the jigsaw puzzle for a while (Damn! That guys got a bad history with AMD stuff...lol)
But Vince is DEFINITELY in need of a dedicated video card, so Potato-sama ftw!


TS Rookie
Who eles can better understand the pain that
[SIZE=4] Vince ‘PotatoSama’[/SIZE]is going through..I have a AMD a10 5750 Lenovo laptop with 4 GB which sucks in web browsing so dont even think of gaming hope you win buddy..You indeed need an upgrade..Good Luck