Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 5: Dem Tings Wit Graphics

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I'm really interested to see the new 8th Gen of Intel processors, will they be competitive to what AMD is offering price to performance wise? And of course good luck to all of the contestants! ;)
Vince's potatosama rig is so all-around awful, I wonder if it isn't like his mom's PC that he first build and now wants to get upgrade parts for himself out of. Not even an SSD? This thing must feel like molasses even browsing the web!

I'm going with Darwin, because at least Nimer has shown some initiative having bought both an SSD and a GPU that could gain much from the much faster CPU upgrade.

Suhayb Khan

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My vote has to go to Vince's PotatoSama. That thing cant even be considered a gaming PC. How he has put up with the igpu on that apu is beyond belief


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Glad to see that the winner will receive a good cpu that will withstand the test of time, much love for the Amd 1600. GG


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Well, guess the vote for me goes to the Jigsaw Puzzle, poor guy has had some rotten luck with hardware, hope he gets some brand new stuff this time around!

Akshat Verma

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Voted for Vince as I know the struggle of not having a graphics card. You guys are doing awesome job helping people like Vince and I hope you grow at rapid speed.


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The most comprehensive upgrade here is Vince's - he doesn't even have a dedicated graphics card...

Best of luck to all contestants!
Started out with a Nvidia GT 210 which struggled cannot even imagine no GPU, I hope PotatoSama wins this, the man needs it.
I'm voting for Liam just due to the constant dying parts. There's nothing more devastating then finding something in your computer has fried. I can relate, and it's a dreadful feeling. But you know what makes all that pain and suffering go away? Getting a new Ryzen system haha :p Otherwise, good luck to all who entered :]


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Voting with Vince's PotatoSama. No dedicated graphics card beats everything. Plus, he only uses one stick of ram...nu dual channel equals to even worse performance in games with that integrated gpu. I remember having an AMD 5600k back in the days with only one pair of ram/no dgpu and it was terrible until one more stick was added...