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Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 7: Core i7's of Yesteryear


Vote for the PC that deserves the upgrade the most:

Poll closed Oct 20, 2017.
  1. Joshua ‘The Gamemaker’ from the United States

  2. Walter ‘Lunareye’ from the United States

  3. Pascal ‘Smilodon’ from Canada

  4. Joel ‘Ol' Unfaithful’ from Australia

  5. HAL ‘Dignified Potato Masher’ from Australia

By Julio Franco · 651 replies
Oct 17, 2017
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  1. Dimension1231

    Dimension1231 TS Rookie

    May the best old i7 grandpa win.
    Linoleum77 likes this.
  2. ColRev

    ColRev TS Rookie

    My vote is for you HAL, hope you win!!!
  3. Astronautilus

    Astronautilus TS Rookie

    I hope HAL's motherboard tray mod will be compatible with his new B350 board lol
    rubricae likes this.
  4. WhackedMoss3

    WhackedMoss3 TS Member

    Good luck Hal, hope you win
  5. KevstaSaiyan

    KevstaSaiyan TS Rookie

    Goodluck to all the contestants they all deserves upgrades
    Linoleum77 likes this.
  6. Iconic

    Iconic TS Rookie

    Oh wow, what a landslide. First one I've seen in the series
  7. Kevin Van Neste

    Kevin Van Neste TS Rookie

    Love what Hall did with his pc nice!
  8. Panwala95

    Panwala95 TS Rookie

    Joel all the way baby.
    Although I would have probably downgraded the ram to a 2400 mhz kit and chucked the SSD to buy him a GTX 1050 ti.
    But oh well.
  9. Shade0117

    Shade0117 TS Rookie

    I love what Hal has done with his case haha. I've had the same idea a few times myself but never made good on it. +1 to you and get some new hardware!
  10. Stark256

    Stark256 TS Rookie

    Lmao all these guys got their PCs for free :D well good luck guys.
  11. KevstaSaiyan

    KevstaSaiyan TS Rookie

    That lucky person who got that aoc monitor tho
  12. SneakyGamer

    SneakyGamer TS Rookie

    I'm going to give my vote to HAL because of his creativity.
  13. elijah justin

    elijah justin TS Rookie

    Cant wait to see HAL fabricate a micro atx case
  14. Gr33n1ock

    Gr33n1ock TS Rookie

    HAL Studying robotics - nuff said? That may not be the PC he deserves but the one he needs. /End of scene
  15. Yvalson

    Yvalson TS Rookie

    I love this series if it ever goes international I'd sign up my friend his PC needs a an upgrade
    He is using:
    Random 775 motherboard
    8gb ddr2 ram
    320gb 5400rpm HDD
    GTX 550ti
    And a crappy 600watt psu
  16. James Pham

    James Pham TS Member

    I'm gonna vote for Hal's, he's gonna need it since he's doing CAD and robotics, and I liked that he made his own open air "case"
  17. Crissyfox

    Crissyfox TS Enthusiast Posts: 70   +22

    Alright I cast a random vote, maybe I'll win the voting prize, until next week I'm peacing out
  18. misor

    misor TS Evangelist Posts: 1,327   +270

    Nice monitor giveaway. ;) good luck to all.
  19. DP4547

    DP4547 TS Rookie

    Pascal. Good Luck. With 4 kids I guess pc upgrades arent on top of the budget, so hope you win.
  20. Nahkri

    Nahkri TS Rookie

    Good luck all.
  21. SunnyX

    SunnyX TS Rookie

    Well, I vote for pascal cause he need that upgrade and also his pc have lot of responsibility for his family from entertainment to gaming. All the best
  22. Tiki Thorsen

    Tiki Thorsen TS Rookie

    Hal hands down.
  23. Smoothie

    Smoothie TS Rookie

    I like Hal's case... or the lack of it. Creative, but I hope to see that upgraded build in a nice case. Good luck to everyone though!
  24. Jack Crombie

    Jack Crombie TS Rookie

    Must say I live a diy case and as someone who made my own case well it was way to know who to vote for
  25. FoxtrotR

    FoxtrotR TS Rookie

    Joel ‘Ol' Unfaithful you got my vote! you deserve an upgrade something that can be Faithful, at last

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