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Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 7: Core i7's of Yesteryear


Vote for the PC that deserves the upgrade the most:

Poll closed Oct 20, 2017.
  1. Joshua ‘The Gamemaker’ from the United States

  2. Walter ‘Lunareye’ from the United States

  3. Pascal ‘Smilodon’ from Canada

  4. Joel ‘Ol' Unfaithful’ from Australia

  5. HAL ‘Dignified Potato Masher’ from Australia

By Julio Franco · 651 replies
Oct 17, 2017
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  1. Marin123

    Marin123 TS Rookie

    I loved Hal's build so hope he wins
  2. NavonilM

    NavonilM TS Rookie

    That DIY case is a win for Hal among mostly similar specs/upgrades .. good luck to all
  3. Grainger26

    Grainger26 TS Rookie

    I think the Smilodon deserved my vote.
  4. Akshay Silswal

    Akshay Silswal TS Member Posts: 21   +9

    HAL ‘Dignified Potato Masher’ gets my vote
    Hopefully this upgraded system will cheer up you and your grandmother again just like back in 2010 :)
    Good luck everyone :)
  5. CHKY0609

    CHKY0609 TS Rookie

    All the best
    Linoleum77 likes this.
  6. Slavjan

    Slavjan TS Member Posts: 19   +8

    Going from an 860 to a 1600 is going to be night and day for any productivity work.

    Best of luck Hallon mate, and good luck to everyone else too.
  7. gotsand75

    gotsand75 TS Rookie

  8. AzBo93

    AzBo93 TS Rookie

    Good luck Hallon, love the creativity plus his future seems promising and maybe an upgrade will make it even better.
  9. Nick01

    Nick01 TS Rookie

    You will no longer be the potato masher, good luck
  10. Shouvik M

    Shouvik M TS Rookie

    Joel should get the upgrade package, but the best system on this list has to be the potato masher :3


    HAL is going to absolutely crush this week, but I voted for Pascal for that sweet R7 1700 upgrade, even if I don't think he'll get it.

    Best of luck to all contestants, and props to Techspot and HUB for selecting some different system criteria!
  12. Belly97

    Belly97 TS Rookie

    That DIY case makes Hal a winner in my eyes.
  13. pkroliko1

    pkroliko1 TS Member

    I think since Joel has a computer that is on its last legs he should get the upgrade.
  14. X0523E

    X0523E TS Rookie

    Good luck Joel
  15. RuDyS

    RuDyS TS Rookie

    Props and good luck to hal for that custom goodness!
  16. GlobbnBoopn

    GlobbnBoopn TS Rookie

    I hope Joel wins it . He deserves better
  17. CUB4N B

    CUB4N B TS Rookie

    Good luck guys, you all deserve it
  18. Haxxa

    Haxxa TS Rookie

    Good Luck Hal - Awesome build - gotta love the creativity! ;)
  19. Voivid

    Voivid TS Rookie

    Voting for Joel because I too am trying to play pubg in hopes of an upgrade. Good luck to everyone!
  20. Cobras

    Cobras TS Rookie

    Lunareye got my vote, good luck everyone!
  21. TrexAverell

    TrexAverell TS Booster Posts: 45   +32

    I will vote later but for now I just can't help envying andROYd25 :( . A monitor is what I need most :D
  22. Jollyriffic

    Jollyriffic TS Member Posts: 57   +24

    Potato smasher has my vote
    I like the creative case building, as a modder/builder myself I'm a sucker for anyone being creative.
  23. CUDAcores89

    CUDAcores89 TS Rookie

    Looks like he may not win but to me, ol' unfaithful deserves the parts. His setup isn't stable, so to me he clearly deserves the upgrade.
  24. Ectoska

    Ectoska TS Rookie

  25. H4D35

    H4D35 TS Rookie

    I really like that custom case. I hope HAL will win.

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