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Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 9: Phenoms, Pentiums & more!


Vote for the PC that deserves the upgrade the most:

Poll closed Nov 10, 2017.
  1. Andrew ‘Berry’ from the United States

  2. James ‘Chug Along Tank’ from the UK

  3. John ‘Lazy Moose’ from Australia

  4. Francesca ‘Tiny Purple Pixel Eater’ from Australia

  5. Joshua ‘Prowl’ from the United States

By Julio Franco · 617 replies
Nov 8, 2017
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  1. SirCweepysburgh

    SirCweepysburgh TS Rookie

    Good luck guys!
  2. Ailike

    Ailike TS Rookie

    All these PCs need an upgrade! I voted for Prowl because it looks nice. ^_^
    Also Andrew got an sma8?!? I understand that a case will last a long time but isn't that overkill?
  3. Muthu Kumaran

    Muthu Kumaran TS Rookie

    Joshua 'Prowl' gets my vote this week
  4. Adriann Legaspi

    Adriann Legaspi TS Member

    I'm so biased for John's, being a former Pentium owner... Go Lazy Moose!
  5. Radeon Alpha

    Radeon Alpha TS Rookie

    Had to vote for Francesca. Just the name of her PC had me chuckling. It's adorable.
    Frannykins and Modzy like this.
  6. Sean Johnson

    Sean Johnson TS Rookie

    Classic cases! Shame about the insides. Not so Nice.
  7. NickFuryus

    NickFuryus TS Rookie

    Good luck to all the contestants!!! looking at these pc's makes me happy that they are getting a chance for an upgrade!!!
  8. Archit Kapoor

    Archit Kapoor TS Rookie

    Excited for the new season , good luck to all
  9. Sam K

    Sam K TS Rookie

    Prowl for the win!
  10. CHKY0609

    CHKY0609 TS Rookie

    Joshua got my vote, Good Luck
  11. Modzy

    Modzy TS Rookie

    Wool awesome to see my partners Tiny Purple Pixel Eater. Glad the photos turned out ok. I've been away for work so we had to Skype to help get the entry details accurate and photos up. Vote for an aussie girl gamer. Don't let the US take another win. Haha
    Frannykins likes this.
  12. Sean Murtagh

    Sean Murtagh TS Rookie

    2 CPU's walk into a bar. Which one pays for the drinks?

    The one with the most cache.
    Modzy likes this.
  13. Kcube989

    Kcube989 TS Rookie

    Berry nice episode. Get it? Any admiralbulldog followers here? No? I'll show my way out then
  14. Andrei Tzaqa

    Andrei Tzaqa TS Rookie

    Like & vote "the tiny purple pixel eater" ! good luck to everyone tho
  15. minzerta

    minzerta TS Rookie

    I voted for Berry. Although I wanted to vote for Josh, his upgrade just didn't make as much sense to me. While the Ryzen 7 1700 IS the best for rendering work, I feel like he'd be hampered by the low amount and lower speed of the RAM. If he had the same or similar upgrade as Berry, then Josh would've been a no brainer. While the Ryzen 5 1600 isn't as good at rendering work, it's still very capable.

    Andrew's case IS overkill though and I wish he put more of that budget towards his hardware. After all, what's the point of an enthusiast level case showcasing 9ish year old parts?
  16. Roggy Dog

    Roggy Dog TS Rookie

    Upvoted for the fellow Melbournians! New to the channel and love it, keep it up. Good luck y'all.
    Modzy likes this.
  17. dickdon71

    dickdon71 TS Member Posts: 40   +22

    Easy vote no contest this time. Only watched the video once and knew straight away which contestant to vote for. Good luck Prowl!
  18. RaptorJesus

    RaptorJesus TS Rookie

    Good luck and have fun
  19. ChaserJZX100

    ChaserJZX100 TS Rookie

    GL Andrew!
  20. Andrew584x

    Andrew584x TS Rookie

    Feed all the pixels to the one from 'the Australia' (nice one Steve).
    Frannykins and Modzy like this.
  21. jamesh09

    jamesh09 TS Rookie

    I really feel like "Prowl" deserves the win this week. Looking at his photos and just the neatness of the case in general, I feel like Joshua must really have a lot of pride in his PC and thus treats it as such and keeps it clean and tidy. Even though its a lower end system he really does a stellar job of keeping all his cables neat and organised and just by looking at it, you wouldn't have guessed the specs were that old. Good Luck Josh! Really hope you win the upgrade package this week!
    Dyjot likes this.
  22. Deviltamer

    Deviltamer TS Rookie

  23. mutation666

    mutation666 TS Rookie

    Sad to see the season almost at an end. Hopefully more people can enter next season.
  24. Deviltamer

    Deviltamer TS Rookie

    Great episode again ! Good luck "tiny Purple pixel eater" !
    Frannykins and Modzy like this.
  25. S1atan

    S1atan TS Rookie

    Go Joshua! You deserve it!

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