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Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 9: Phenoms, Pentiums & more!


Vote for the PC that deserves the upgrade the most:

Poll closed Nov 10, 2017.
  1. Andrew ‘Berry’ from the United States

  2. James ‘Chug Along Tank’ from the UK

  3. John ‘Lazy Moose’ from Australia

  4. Francesca ‘Tiny Purple Pixel Eater’ from Australia

  5. Joshua ‘Prowl’ from the United States

By Julio Franco · 617 replies
Nov 8, 2017
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  1. SquidStorm

    SquidStorm TS Rookie

    Good work
  2. Danel B

    Danel B TS Rookie

    Good luck to everyone! They all could use a upgrade.
  3. LutzR93

    LutzR93 TS Rookie

    Voted for Francesca because she has the same name as my friend xD
    Frannykins and Modzy like this.
  4. st0n3

    st0n3 TS Rookie

    Good luck "Prowl", you got this.
  5. Swooty

    Swooty TS Rookie

    Really felt for John and his RX 460 + Pentium setup! Good luck all.
  6. Kevin Van Neste

    Kevin Van Neste TS Rookie

    Francesca has my vote
    Frannykins and Modzy like this.
  7. pootymack

    pootymack TS Rookie Posts: 19

    Good luck! And to who ever wins, enjoy your new hardware!
  8. Antonije Jojic

    Antonije Jojic TS Rookie

    I wish you all the upgrades guys :D good luck
  9. dave lavoie

    dave lavoie TS Rookie

    Joshua ‘Prowl’ from the United States you get my vote dude good luck!!!!
  10. draufganger

    draufganger TS Rookie

    Yeah, core2duo with 970, desperately in need of upgrade.
  11. Deusest

    Deusest TS Member Posts: 28

    Good luck Joshua!
  12. kronowik

    kronowik TS Rookie

    Good luck boys! Woooo!
  13. cgrenz

    cgrenz TS Rookie

    Good luck ya'll!!
  14. Hozugetsu

    Hozugetsu TS Rookie

    Joshuas UNITE!!
  15. Sidarta

    Sidarta TS Rookie

    My vote goes to Joshua. That Q6600 is a huge bottleneck for his 970
  16. Aidan Mayo

    Aidan Mayo TS Rookie

    Don't know why, but I just feel like the case labs dude should win, don't really know why
  17. James Alvarado

    James Alvarado TS Member

    Best of luck to you guys.:)
  18. Sotiris Sot

    Sotiris Sot TS Rookie

    Good luck to all guys ! Awesome series keep up the good work @Steve !:)
  19. Matt567

    Matt567 TS Rookie

    Man, DDR2? Joshua will definitely win lol. Loving the series, Steve!
    LinuxFanatic likes this.
  20. LinuxFanatic

    LinuxFanatic TS Rookie

    Definitely gotta go with "Prowl"
  21. NG Gamer

    NG Gamer TS Member

    I randomly voted for these randomly selected random PC's, hope by some random luck I win randomly.
    trgz likes this.
  22. Mitchell Kelly

    Mitchell Kelly TS Rookie

    So good photo's are the key... well damn. My photo's suck because my phone overheats and the camera glass cracked all over and I had to tape it... wish I read everyone elses comments saying that the HTC One M9 had this specific problem...
  23. trgz

    trgz TS Addict Posts: 248   +66

    Berry needs an upgrade? really? WTF
    Lazy Moose for me
  24. DeusNiki

    DeusNiki TS Rookie

    Good luck Joshua, you have my vote.
  25. Percival M

    Percival M TS Rookie

    Ryzen master race <3
  26. Wolfman34p

    Wolfman34p TS Rookie

    It just had to be Josh who got the upgrade, running on DDR2, wow, that's what I call a dinosaur lol

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