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Upgrade My PC Please! Episode 9: Phenoms, Pentiums & more!


Vote for the PC that deserves the upgrade the most:

Poll closed Nov 10, 2017.
  1. Andrew ‘Berry’ from the United States

  2. James ‘Chug Along Tank’ from the UK

  3. John ‘Lazy Moose’ from Australia

  4. Francesca ‘Tiny Purple Pixel Eater’ from Australia

  5. Joshua ‘Prowl’ from the United States

By Julio Franco · 617 replies
Nov 8, 2017
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  1. Aineeem

    Aineeem TS Rookie

    Go prowl!!!! goodluck mate!!!
  2. Capt1971

    Capt1971 TS Rookie

    Definitely needs the upgrade! Good luck.
  3. Shade0117

    Shade0117 TS Rookie

    Good luck gents! And lady!
  4. sczeeman

    sczeeman TS Rookie

    "Prowl" may be the slowest build, but it is also the neatest and most worthy.
  5. CyberSnypa

    CyberSnypa TS Rookie

    Heres another entry for the item I will never win.
  6. SurferBoyUK

    SurferBoyUK TS Rookie

    What shall I do now with no upgrade my pc from next??? Joshua's system wow Q6600 I still have a Q6600 it's now used to store large files etc.
  7. mrtyleebony

    mrtyleebony TS Rookie

    Went for the TPPE. Watching APUs are just sad (Case looks amazing tho)
  8. Genosyde

    Genosyde TS Rookie

    Hook Josh up Steve. The ryzen 7 is a beast.
  9. Citer25

    Citer25 TS Rookie

    I know Joshua's pain, with that core 2 duo. I myself had one before, good luck to you.
  10. thewaytonever

    thewaytonever TS Rookie

    Gotta go with Berry, I know the pain of a Phenom for Video Editing
  11. ClayJ

    ClayJ TS Rookie

    Prowl needs the upgrade FO SHO
  12. AdamKovac

    AdamKovac TS Rookie

    I just had to vote for Joshua's ‘Prowl’. Core 2 Quad 6600 was an amazing CPU back in the day but for a few years now it's not enough for AAA gaming.
  13. zcarinooo

    zcarinooo TS Rookie

    Good luck to the contestants.
  14. Daniel Hart

    Daniel Hart TS Rookie

    Good Luck Guys, hope Tiny Purple Pixel Eater wins ;\
    Frannykins and Modzy like this.
  15. Fellers

    Fellers TS Rookie

    Prowl gets my vote. Fantastic photos indeed lol.
  16. MythicalPigeon

    MythicalPigeon TS Rookie

    Voted Francesca, because purple.
    Frannykins and Modzy like this.
  17. jeremyleema

    jeremyleema TS Rookie

    What can I win?
  18. Mike Koh

    Mike Koh TS Rookie

  19. Devon Martin

    Devon Martin TS Rookie

    Gl all!
  20. Hakeem Samuddin

    Hakeem Samuddin TS Rookie

    Good luck everyone
  21. ryan8922

    ryan8922 TS Rookie

    Awesome series, hopefully season 2 will be international... shout out from South Africa!
  22. Fivebasher

    Fivebasher TS Rookie

    Good luck to MY pick!
  23. MarianS

    MarianS TS Rookie

    Gl everyone!
  24. CyberSnypa

    CyberSnypa TS Rookie

    What is there to upgrade on that POS last computer. Just throw it away
  25. gerod

    gerod TS Rookie

    My vote's for Andrew! Good luck mate!
  26. NightHawk69

    NightHawk69 TS Rookie

    Come on! The first guy just put an old mobo cpu and gpu to his high end case and waterloop? I smell bull.

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