Upgraded computer turning off a few seconds after startup

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Aug 31, 2008
  1. Hey all.

    I recently upgraded all my hardware for my PC hoping that it will run faster. But a few seconds after I press the power button, it turns off. I even bought a new power supply and it still refuses to stay on. It can't be a virus problem because I also replaced the HD. Everything is plugged in properly (triple checked that) and the fans are all working fine. Any suggestions/ideas to this?
  2. kimsland

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    What Hardware? The CPU?
    Because it looks like a CPU fault.
    Is it mounted securely? Has the thermal paste been applied correctly?
    Here's some instructions on that
    But you may need to Benchtest the Motherboard

    Another option would be to disconnect anything connected to the computer (including Mouse/Keyboard) and test again
  3. Anonyman56

    Anonyman56 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thermal paste and the motherboard is working: It loads the bios screen and the black screen with text on it...it just randomly shuts down unexpectedly, randomly, and without notice.
    Gigabyte S-series DDR21066 mb with a intel core 2 duo processor inside.
    Graphics card is a ASUS EAH4850.
    Harddirve is SATA2 250gb western digital hardrive.
  4. kimsland

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    So it's a Gigabyte S-series Motherboard (not sure on model number if any)
    And the Ram is DDR2 having 1Gig

    And it's random shutdown (so sometimes it works?)

    Probably Graphics card. It's hard to tell, that's why Benchtesting (link supplied) is a good idea
  5. Anonyman56

    Anonyman56 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Sorry I meant random as in randomly turn off at anytime. Never stays on. I don't know much about computer parts, but I don't think the graphics card is a problem. It managed to stay on until the system installation once.
  6. Anonyman56

    Anonyman56 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I think it has to do with the power supply (650W) but my brother disagrees. Have a feeling the mb's messed up or something.
  7. seanc

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    Check your processor heatsink. Lie the computer down (assuming it's a tower) and try and move the heatsink, does it move or rattle? If it does, it's not attatched properly, the computer will shutting down to protect the processor overheating. Try and work out what sides of the heatsink are not clipped down and press the buttons down until they click into place.
  8. Anonyman56

    Anonyman56 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks, that fixed the problem. The plastic 'pegs' were a little hard to push all the way down, and worried the motherboard cracking for awhile. But yea, the computer stays on now. Now we need a working Xp disk that won't give errors like 'status 12800' or something else that has to do with the 'txtsetup.sif'
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