Upgrading CPU in compaq 5001r

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Apr 28, 2008
  1. I am basiclly teaching myself how to work on computers and I am stuck, I have a compaq 5001r that i use mostley for games but it is also the one i am tweeking with, the mother board is a O6E-4h with an AMD spitfire (Duron) processor, OLD GAMES, I have seen a lot of processores but some have diffrent voltages and such with the same A socket 462, I am looking to upgrade to at least a ghz or more but I am confused how do I select the right processor, how do I know it will work and what do I have to do once installed,

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    Your ability to upgrade will depend on your motherboard's BIOS (what processor will it recognise) and the how high its Front Side Bus will go.

    I did a little research and it looks like your going to be stuck with a 200MHz FSB which will severly limit your processor choices. I think you could get up to an Athlon 1600+ if your motherboard supports the processor in its BIOS.

    My meager reference material.

    1600+ with 200MHz FSB on EBay in England.
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    I am not looking to make this a top of the line computer because it cant be I mean it is running ME for goodness sakes but I don't want to get in over my head if I ever decide to build my own, I just am new to this and dont know if voltage or other things makes a diffrence, Also not sure how to test my mother board. Can you please also define FSB
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    As computer technology progresses processor voltages go down, so your old motherboard may not support a newer processor. Your Duron uses 1.75V and the 1600 I linked uses 1.45V. The 1400+ uses 1.75V and would be the better bet for compatibility.

    http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/K7/AMD-Athlon 1400 - A1400AMS3B.html

    Your motherboard's BIOS may not recognize the 1400+ and probably will not recognize the 1600+.

    I couldn't find a program that would allow you to see the possible specs of your computer, but there are many programs that will tell you what the current specs of your computer are.

    FSB = Front Side Bus. Your computer's main timing clock usually runs at half the front side bus frequency. Both your processor and memory frequency are based off the main clock frequency. Your processor frequency is based on the frequency of your main clock. Your actual FSB speed times your processor multiplier equals you processor frequency. Your actual FSB frequency is 100MHz times your processor multiplier of 7.5 so your processor frequency is 750MHz.

    The specs I linked earlier say that your FSB is 200MHz, but the actual rate at which data is being provided is twice per cycle at 100MHz, so 2 (twice per cycle) X 100MHz equals 200MHz. This marketing scheme is called double data rate and can make a computer more efficent when both the memory and processor work in tandem.
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    As far as I can tell as long as my bios accepts it this will work am I right,

    So to get a compatible processor I need one that will be the same voltage and the same FSB speed as well as odviously fit in the socket or am i way off course.

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    Just to be safe, you may want to ask the seller if the FSB is 200MHz or 266MHz. You'll only want it if the FSB is 200MHz. Oops Its' FSB is at 200MHz, I just didn't look far enough down the page.

    "Due to the frailty of these processor, I have to sell this one as is." <--- that says already broken to me.
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    This computer has a 750mhz duron processor 256*3 chips of ram and a 32mb nvidia card, Two questions that I would like your opinion on, will this be able to play older games online like Star trek voyager elite force while running a internet securities program. The big one I need to keep it ME or before to be program compatible should I keep it running ME or downgrade to windows 98, If you suggest downgrading will there be any problems.
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