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Upgrading to 64-bit problems

By CaptainRobbie ยท 4 replies
Dec 9, 2010
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  1. Hello, i recently installed windows 7 ultimate onto my new built computer, except, after a few month of using it, i really need to upgrade to the 64 bit version (i have the DVD, and product key)

    However, when i insert the disc into the DVD drive, and re-install (selecting the DVD drive as my 1st boot device) it is unable to read the disc for some reason.

    Is there any way i can upgrade to a 64 bit system? Even if i have to completely wipe my hard drive and reinstall windows (made backups on external HDD)

    Regards, Rob...
  2. pjamme

    pjamme TS Enthusiast Posts: 208

    I am almost sure you will need to boot to the CD and format & re-install since you are switching from 32-bit to 64-bit.

    It can be tricky with older computers, I have upgraded some HP xw4600 workstations to 64-bit with HP supplied media with no problem. But when I tried the same thing with HP xw4400 workstations I had to creat a floppy drive containing the Intel Storage manager drivers and hit F6 at the corrrect spot in the install.

    for other people responding, it might be good to give your computer specs.

    Oh by the way XP 64-bit is awesome compared to XP 32-bit so i am sure that W7 will be even better.

    We are not allowed to have W7 on the network yet.
  3. CaptainRobbie

    CaptainRobbie TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 21

    Would i be able to completely wipe my hard drive, and then re-install w7 64 bit, with the same license?
  4. Leeky

    Leeky TS Evangelist Posts: 3,797   +116

    Yes, the product key will work for both versions, which is why the install media included both 32 and 64 bit mediums.

    This is only true of the Retail (e.g. W7 purchased in a shop) versions that ship with both 32bit and 64 bit though.
  5. vectorsigma32

    vectorsigma32 TS Rookie Posts: 154

    amm u r better off get a xhdd and puting all ur file on and doing a full reinstall to 64bit

    and u can reinstall no probly az long az u hav fll retail i dont hav oem so i wouldnt know about it.

    **EDIT by Leeky: Please use the edit button, rather than double post.**

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