uPlay hacking tool grants access to Ubisoft's entire catalog

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
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A new hacking tool available on a Russian gaming forum allows users to circumvent security measures in place on Ubisoft’s uPlay game distribution platform. Specifically, the hack tricks the platform’s authorization tool into thinking the user has access to Ubisoft’s...

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TS Booster
Maybe if publishers would stop trying to make their own version of Steam and just let Steam handle things, problems like this and Origin's terrible setup would never happen.


Actually steam support suck most of them. besides that in most cases it's best, but if you have any problem. You will have to deal with them by yourself, trust me I use steam for quite some time.


TS Redneck
For a site that doesn't support hacking and pirating, how can such articles be posted? To me this seems like a contradiction in site regulation.