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Uncle Al

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Is anyone else out there having issues with Uplay? After the last "upgrade" I noticed that my version of Ghost Recon: Wildlands suddenly lost all my progress; then it came back to a Uplay screen saying it could not authenticate my game and then is started kicking me over to the screen to buy the game. I have been writing to them and STEAM for a week with no result. When I posted my first note I got a fairly quick response from Wright E@ubisort. I followed his instructions but it did not solve the issue so I responded back to him through the help system. To date they have not followed up and appear to be completely ignoring me. STEAM simply kicked me over to them. I send them screen clips showing I have over 1,300 hours logged on this game, another showing my receipt of purchase and several of the kinds of screens I'm getting.

It's obviously not big enough to get lawyers involved but I don't think I should have to plunk down another $100 for something that was working just fine until THEY screwed it up.

Anyone else have better luck in getting these guys to provide the support they pledge to provide .....?


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They gave me their *** to kiss over a xbox 360 controller configuration problem they royally screwed up just over 3 weeks ago. =/
I recommend you find a forum dedicated to tom clancy game support and ask from there.
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Arshad Hussain

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It's better to hunt on forums instead of contacting their support. I don't have good experience with Uplay before they are kind of annoying.


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I had a Ubi guy argue with me that my computer was a laptop when it wasn't. He had all of the info on my computer from DX and MSinfo. I looked at my tower asking him where my screen was at cause I wasn't seeing one attached to it. And FYI, all desktop hardware. So, based on that alone, I have no faith in them.

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That's very strange how can a company argue with its customers. How can someone know what other person is using without any utility/service and if they are peeking in the system then it's against privacy.