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Aug 8, 2008
  1. Alright guys, my download speed is amazing, I have no complaints at all about it because on either of my computers, I can get an easy 5MB download speeds on a speed test. Upload, on the other hand, isn't as impressive. speed tests show I only get 300-500kbs upload on any of my computers. which tells me its either my router, or my Internet service prov. I also figure this is why I can't host games on XBOX Live nearly as well as most people. Is there anything I can do to speed up my upload speed even a little bit?
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    500Kbps? Believe it or not, that's pretty good for most areas. :(

    The fastest residential net service you'll find in most metropolitan areas is 10/1Mbps or even less. 1Mbps upload = about 120KB/sec in real transfer speed.

    If you live in the right area though, some cable providers are or will be offering double that (20/2Mbps) and you may have the option for Fios (Or other fiber optic Internet services) which offer greater speeds (20/5Mbps).

    Right now, it sounds like you are probably on an average cable plan or a high-end DSL plan. (6Mbps/512Kbps is typical)
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    oh, ok I wasn't aware that 500kbs upload was good... it was the Ratio between the 2 that threw me off, because my friend's is something along the lines of 3mb download/3mb upload... so maybe he's cuz HACKING or something Lol. But then why is it I cannot host XBOX Live games, (because there's too much lag) but can play others' with absolutley no lag at all.
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    You can't host because of 'too much lag' because you need to forward your ports to your Xbox. Routers work as firewalls and block incoming traffic, so you can't host anything and get the generic "too much lag" message...

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