USB bootable windows not working

  1. Hi,

    I have a VAIO SVE14116GNB, I was trying to re-install my original windows using One-touch recovery button "assist"

    But due to some incident, I had to force shut it down during formatting of C: drive (formatted 46%)

    After some time when I again started my laptop with ASSIST button.

    Error came : BOOTMGR missing.

    after that error came : Boot/BCD missing

    So, as to create BCD file, I was trying to recover using Windows "recover windows" option in a bootable windows 7 USB drive. But USB didn't run after files loaded and cursor came.

    It started once, I choose desktop recover, but then it showed processing when the option for "choose which OS" came and didn't proceed further.

    P.S. windows image was burnt properly and USB was made bootable. BIOS was configured appropriately.
  2. JamesandBennie

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    So , you want to re-install your original windows . but now you try to recovery the missing files ? if I were you . I would like to restore new System (if you think there is no important files) . if not , you can try use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free or Recuva to recover your data then to re-install Windows.the following is the URLs for the two tools . hope you can fix that with my opinion

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