USB device not recognized error

My external hard drive sounds like it starts up fine but it is not being recognized on my Windows Vista laptop.

I have searched many forums for solutions, all to no avail, such as:
> Leaving the power off for some time (in my case overnight)
> Full virus scan
> Uninstalling all USB n device manager, reboot then reconnect devices

The problem may have arose when I shut the computer down with the HD still on.

I feel the problem may be the power supply, as when I plug in the HD, sound on my speakers start buzzing.

All my other devices work fine in all USB ports but my HD does not work in other computers also.

Hope you can help.

Thanks in advance.


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As the external drive fails to be recognised on other PC's as well then it is probably a fault in the circuitry in the enclosure, You can get a new enclosure and move the hard drive into it.

To test the drive take it out of the enclosure and use a USB adapter to hook it up to your laptop or hook it up to the connections inside a desktop PC.