USB thumb drive doesn't respond

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I have a Kingston 4GB DataTraveler which has stopped responding. If you try to open it in Windows, a message says:
"Please insert a disk in Drive (drive letter)"

in Ubuntu linux, the message is:
"Unable to mount location"
"No media in the drive"

If I try to format it in Windows, a message says:
"There is no disk in Drive (drive letter)"
"Insert a disk, then try again"

Any ideas about what the problem is? TIA


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Well, on the one hand i've seen this problem occur before when Windows got confused about the USB thumb device and other (old) USB device install data. BUT in your case since you see the same error in both Windows and Ubuntu i suspect the thumb drive itself has failed.

Still, if you want to try cleaning up all the USB installation data on your PC under Windows see this post for [post=727106]How to use the DriveCleanupTool[/post] (it may not help but can't hurt either)


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Thanks for yours, but it is not responding on several different computers in various ports on each.

Is there any way to rescusitate a thumbdrive? Every computer identifies it correctly, it just cant open them.

Is there any software resident on the thumbdrive necessary in order for it to be read. I think my wife may have erased all the files on the drive after she used it?
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