By doooby
Apr 28, 2009
  1. Hi
    I've got tricky problem on XP system that computer immediately restarts after plugging in any usb hardware (falsh disk, either usb mouse, etc.). The minidump says that it's usbport.sys error. Any ideas?
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    Hi doooby

    When did this problem start? Have you been able to plug these devices in before? Are your USB drivers functioning properly? Does it happen with all your USB slots or just one/some? Do you get a BSOD everytime it restarts? Please give us as much info as possible so we might be able to help you out. Attach your minidump file as well please.

    Spyder_1386 :)
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    Thanks for replying, I should say this first time:
    it is RIS bulit computer (Remote installtion services). Everything was ok before (when normally installed). The problem is for all usb ports: windows doesn't even load, it shows Windows logo for a moment and then restarts. And i must say, that this problem doesn't appear every time, let's say every 2 of 3 times when installing form RIS server, therefore i don't think, taht the image is wrong. Sorry if this question should be placed somewhere else, i thought that this is the best place.
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