Use of my 4 female pin S-video cable

By ankitasmember
Apr 11, 2012
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  1. I have a S-video cable with 4 female ports on other side..
    I know that it is used to connect TV to PC .
    But i have got a new set top box for my TV that box only have audio and video composite cables to connect/...
    so i was wondering if i could connect it to my PC then i could play and record TV on my connecting composite cables to my S-video cable's female ports.
    give me an idea if i could connect it or not....and why if not?
  2. SNGX1275

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    Very unlikely that you can do that right now. Mainly because its doubtful you have a card that can take video input. Then also, because if your box doesn't have s-video, you can't use that cable.

    Traditionally you'd need a TV tuner card, but since you are going from a TV box to a computer, you don't really need the tuner part, you just need something that can handle the input. If you have a desktop PC you can get a PCI card. If you don't, or just want it more portable there are several USB devices that will work. This should get you pointed in the right direction: Capture Devices

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