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Sep 15, 2006
  1. I have a quick question. I have a 2WIRE Gateway Modem on a computer in my bedroom that accesses the Internet. Then i have Linksys WRT54G Router in another room where my Xbox 360 and another is in. Now my question is can I use the Linksys router to hook up my 360 wired and my 2nd computer wired and then hook up the Linksys router to the Gateway wirelessly so i can access the internet on my 360 and 2nd computer?
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    I had to read this a few times and i think I get it.

    You want to hook the Linksys router to the gateway, on a wireless link.?

    To have a working wireless link you need a wireless router and a wireless network card, I dont see how you could link 2 routers, neither of which have a wireless network card, unless they are both a wireless device, in which case you could make the linksys an access point that gets it settings from the gateway,

    But I dont know if the gateway modem is a wireless device as you dont say, and I dont know.

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    In order to use the Linksys router you will need to log into the 2Wire modem and put it into a bridge mode. I believe it is located under the advance tab. Effectively you can only utilize one router in this scheme. From the Linksys run a couple of cat5 cables; one to the 2nd PC and one to your Xbox.

    Unplug the power on the 2Wire and make the connection to the Linksys that is also unplugged.
    From the Linksys run the cat5 cable to the PC and the Xbox. Also powered off.
    Plug in the 2Wire, when you have all green lights, plug in the Linksys. When you have activity turn on the PC and Xbox.

    You should be good to go.
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    Yes my gateway modem is wireless as well. As to connecting them can i hook the 2 routers up wirelessly or do you mean i have to hook them up with a CAT5 cable?
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    Realistically, You do not need to use the Linksys router. The back of your 2Wire Modem should have at least 2 Ethernet ports on it.. Run one cable to your PC and one to the Xbox.

    Does you PC have wireless availible. if so Use the IP address on the bottom of the 2Wire and login to the modem and activate the wireless networking.
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    Well the problem is my 2wire is on the other side of the house. Where the bedrooms are. The room where the Xbox and Pc are at is the den which is in the front of the house or else i wouldve hooked it up already.
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    Anyone? Any Suggestions?
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    ya need wireless card for the machines if the main modem is wireless already
    I don't get why ya make so complecated
    how far away if over 100 ft you need a better wireless no doubt
    if the 2WIRE is good for say 300 ft
    thats all you need is the nic wirelesss adapters
    or access point forget other router
    am I missing something its getting late

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    Yeah youre missing that you can turn a Router into an Access Point. I dont know how you can forget that.
  11. thething

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    Thanks for the responses i now have hooked up everything with both my routers i just turned the Linksys into an access point. Thanks again.
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    but how do you turn a Linksys router to an accesspoint???
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