VAIO drivers

I have recently formatted with windows 10 on my VGN-NW270F laptop (old model I know) and can't find the drivers. As a result I cant activate wifi and worst it dosent recognises the battery. Does anyone know where to find the drivers for this model?


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I have the Vaio FZ38M which originally ran Vista and is from the same era (2009). It updated with no issues to W7 and on to W10. From what I remember the original drivers worked without problems. If you have done a fresh install of W10 rather than followed the upgrade path, download and install the original drivers probably for Vista or W7. The Sony website may still have them available. The software for the battery levels doesn't work well but it doesn't really matter - not much to be done about that unless you find and install a freeware solution. If no joy with wifi buy a mini usb wifi adapter and you'll have internet back for very little expenditure.

It's a shame that mine can't run Windows 11 because of the strict hardware requirements.