Valve confirms user data was stolen in Steam hacking


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Valve has confirmed that the attacks on its forum late Sunday, which included its defacing before it was taken offline, extends beyond just user account details and includes personal information…

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I feel like I should have gotten an e-mail about this from Valve. I shouldn't have to read other sites to find out about it.


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I havent logged into steam for a few days. Valve should have sent out an email about this.


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Maybe your account wasn't compromised, if you didn't get a notification.

I just loaded Steam and didn't see a notification either.


Yup, I received a popup in Steam immediately when they sent it last night. No worries, everything was encrypted, they won't be able to decrypt it... Even if you used the same password on your Steam account, well assuming you enabled Steam guard, no one will be able to enter it.

My Steam username is: mike77 , my password is: 2Elm_treE34

If you try to login it will request the verification code that will be sent to my email. My email has a different password. Good luck.


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I logged off and logged back on and it finally popped up. And I can get 10% off Jurassic Park!

Win and Win!


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My steam password and my email password are different to begin with and I already have SteamGuard enabled, but for good measures I'll still change my password on steam and keep an eye on my bank statements (though I think I've always used paypal, but I can't remember).


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An e-mail would've been nice but still props to Valve for actually sharing this information and not sitting on it for weeks before coming clean. I use SteamGuard and different passwords for pretty much everything like most here, but I guess changing them now wouldn't hurt.


I wonder if any SONY haters are here right now.? hhhmmm! Goes to show when a person digs a hole hoping for other companies to go down, they better dig 2.

Who's lol now? Hackers are criminals. I hate them same as I hate mosquitoes.


@motrin: I guess you never watched that video where Gabe gave out his account name and password, showing how confident he was in Steam Guard's effectiveness.