Valve's new employee handbook is chock-full of awesome, read it now


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Lol, 'Perks' Aka... reasons for you to never leave the office.

I think the trick to making this method work is to hire very driven, smart, and hardworking people. But with no one to report to, who will decide if you deserve a nice fat bonus doing something great?


Wow, after reading Valve's new employee handbook, I realize why I like the company so much. I think some of the methods they use would be good in other companies as well and now that this manual is out maybe someone will implement some of them. The world is changing as human's grow in all aspects.


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They stumbled upon the fact that when a business owner makes sure each and every day to remind their employees that they're useless pieces of crap and can be replaced at a moment's notice that company does not attract and retain the best talent in an industry.


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This, this is how computer games should be created, by people who actually want to make a good game and not given any restriction.

Half-Life 2 EP3 / Half-Life 3 Please at least give us a hint its still in the works! :)

sapo joe

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Employee 1: "So, what about Half Life 3?"

Employee 2: "Nahh... Too hard to do... Lets make another Left 4 Dead..."

Employee 1: "But what about the fans???"

Employee 2? "We don't even have bosses man! F*ck the fans!!!"

Employee 1 and 2: LOOLOLOLO


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nope, instead of having hundreds of thousands of black smiths making goods there own way we have people standing in a assembly line attaching one piece of object over and over and a small development team
thats not killing creativity, its meaning less people have unique skills.
The industrial revolution is the reason cars, computers, light bulbs, etc exist.